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Happy Valentine's Day to all! Mai multe detalii aici


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    nu e noroc, ci skill https://bit.ly/2KqitXb
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    S-a basit mireasa, se simte coarda #350Tunuri #Tulcea @RW DDonny
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    https://imgur.com/a/PTaGtRq na printesik
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    Aplicatiile factiunii SF Taxi doar ce au fost deschise. Ii asteptam pe toti jucatorii RPG 2 care isi doresc sa faca parte dintr-un colectiv unit si respectabil sa faca o aplicatie. Voi raspunde la aplicatii maine (10/04/2019 dupa ora 19:00) https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/factions/view/sftaxi
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