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  1. • Nick: Vendex • Rank: 1 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 05/15/2020 • Reason: i can't come. no electricity due to Typhoon. my province is on Storm Signal #3 (level 3 alert and its dangerous) • Anything else?: Thank you for understanding. and i might be unable to login in few days. AGAIN. but i hope i can refresh logins at least.
  2. Vendex

    thank you for the service standar #Respect
  3. Nick: Vendex Rank: 3 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate):Activity Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 26.04.2020 Numar invoiri(x/y):1/2 Motivul: No Internet Connection. wifi contract is ended. i cannot go outside because of lockdown so i cannot renew the wifi contract. Alte precizări: thanks..see you in the next activity..
  4. Vendex

    hello guys.. xD we just failed a rob and this happened : anyways how are you all? its been a long time since i posted in our discussion xD
  5. Nick: Vendex Rank: 3 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Antrenament Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 5/04/2020 Numar invoiri(x/y) 1/2 Motivul: No Internet Connection. + power outage  Alte precizări: thanks.
  6. Nick: Vendex Rank: 3 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Activitate Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 22.03.2020 Numar invoiri(x/y):1/2 Motivul: There is no electricity. a truck crashed in the electric post earlier. Alte precizări: Good Luck. i promise i will attend in the next activity. bcz i always do.
  7. Vendex

    do we have a training tomorrow?
  8. Nickname: Vendex.ARFELAND Rank: (1) Private Consent for (Training/Activity): Activity The activity date: 26.01.2020 Consent number (x/y): 1/2 Reason: No Internet Connection Other specifications: i hope you understand..
  9. Vendex

    it's okay.. no need to say sorry.. anyways thanks
  10. Vendex

    i am an NG.. rank 1
  11. Vendex

    hello guys.. it's been years since I've been in National Guard xD what's up everyone? any active English players here on our discussions ? anyways.. i just wanna ask.. who among you uses National Guard Helper? if any.. can u send me one? then i also wanna ask.. do we have discord channel ? i mean.. like National Guard Discord channel?
  12. Vendex

    use fps unlocker or use some mods to lower the texture a bit. like no trees or no grass and a timecyc that has lower particles in it. then a low end particle.txd
  13. Vendex

    thanks for the update.. now i understand what will happen to the houses.
  14. Vendex

    Nickname: Vendex Rang: 3 Culoarea votată (doar ID-ul culorii): 59

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