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La mulți ani România! Quest & Gift disponibil pe serverele de sa-mp, detalii aici


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  1. Vendex

    it's okay.. no need to say sorry.. anyways thanks
  2. Vendex

    i am an NG.. rank 1
  3. Vendex

    hello guys.. it's been years since I've been in National Guard xD what's up everyone? any active English players here on our discussions ? anyways.. i just wanna ask.. who among you uses National Guard Helper? if any.. can u send me one? then i also wanna ask.. do we have discord channel ? i mean.. like National Guard Discord channel?
  4. Vendex

    you guys aren't allowed to post here. if you aren't a member.. anyways this clan is expired.. tho' i have plans for renewing it. im just saving money.. p.s i just came back to the game..
  5. Vendex

    use fps unlocker or use some mods to lower the texture a bit. like no trees or no grass and a timecyc that has lower particles in it. then a low end particle.txd
  6. Vendex

    thanks for the update.. now i understand what will happen to the houses.
  7. Vendex

    Nickname: Vendex Rang: 3 Culoarea votată (doar ID-ul culorii): 59
  8. Vendex

    Nick: Vendex Level: 76 Age (real): 19 Gender(real): Male How old are you on the server?: 4 Years i think. because i joined in april 2015 RPG profile link: https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/Vendex Did you been Mayor in the past?: Not yet. and i would like to be a mayor now. The reason you want to become a Mayor: i want to offer a fair tax to everyone, help our community grow. make players have this eager like draw them in so they'll have more reason to play and play and maintain the community balance. i also want to be mayor since i think in this way i'd be able to take control of cities especially sf. i'd make events in sf free world with players. so players would have reasons to start populating san fierro again. because from what i see. there's less people on the city What I intend to do for other players.: i already said some things above but i'd like to add more like events random events at my free time. and some things like that and also that this server deserves another ENGLISH mayor. just like the old days. the GOLDEN DAYS where there's still so many english players that are LEGENDARY till now.
  9. Nick: Vendex Rank: (3) LS Taxi Cabbie Reason: i am not home. and i am unable to sustain a stable internet connection from where i am this day. Date: 26.07.2019 Other specifications: Thank you for your kind consideration, and goodluck with the activity
  10. Nickname: Vendex.Jr Level: 40 Rank: 1 Deposited amount: $10000 Date and hour: 22.07.2019 15:57 Proof: https://imgur.com/TYe5a5u Reason: i got -7 and -8
  11. Nick: Vendex Rank: (2) LS Taxi Rookie Reason: i am not home since yesterday. and im in a place where there is no internet connection available right now. only phone works enough to pass this request using opera mini.. Date: 21.07.2019 Other specifications: Thank you for your kind consideration
  12. Vendex

    thanks well its good to be back again :V i kinda miss the wars
  13. Nickname: Vendex.Jr Level: 40 Rank: 1 Deposited amount: $5000 Date and hour: 19.07.2019 15:57 Proof: https://imgur.com/oSVz4gj Reason: -6 on war
  14. Vendex

    Why does it seem to be so quiet here? Anyways, hello everyone!
  15. Nick: Vendex Rank: (1) LS Trainee Reason: Time zone conflict, 21:00 is 2 am in my country (Philippines) and i have a family outing. like an overnight in a beach resort. and i can't go to the game. because family is more important than everything, also in that place.. there is no internet.. which makes it a good place to get away from everything.. release the stress or anything like problems. like you will just chill with your family. so yea i hope this explains everything Date: 07.07.2019 Proofs: no need, it explains everything.. Other specifications: Thank you for your kind consideration

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