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  1. Name :intelHD Rank :1 Proofs : SF School Instructors those who instruct you.
  2. Faction is first, Instructors are in the top, Licenses give and honor, To apply here encourages you, SF Instructors, soul faculty Who is here with a lot of trust, SF Instructors is called, And we're all amazed. Applying an honor Passing the tests is friction, To stay is a miracle, With such renowned members. Do not forget, SF Instructors is your life, Get in, teach and stand in front, Because SF Instructors honor you, Be the first to learn!
  3. intelHD3

    Nick-ul tau:Adelyn2003 Rang:1 Nivel:26 Plec pe data de: Ziua/Luna/An:19.01.2016. Revin pe data de: Ziua/luna/an23.01.2016 Zile inactive:4 zile. Motivul:Probleme de familie. Alte precizari?:Sper sa intelegi.

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