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Black Week începe curând. Detalii aici

60% reducere pentru pachetele de 4e si 1e - 300 utilizari - COD: BFRPG60
50% reducere pentru pachetele de 100e - 20 utilizari - COD: BFRPG50
40% reducere pentru pachetele de 50e - 40 utilizari - COD: BFRPG40
30% reducere pentru pachetele de 40e si 30e - 60 utilizari - COD: BFRPG30
25% reducere pentru pachetele de 20e, 15e si 10e - 100 utilizari - COD: BFRPG25
50% reducere la toate produsele pentru forum - 60 utilizari - COD: BFFORUM50


Recrutăm designeri audio și video. Aplicați aici


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  1. I am his and he is mine

    1. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      Another great video :)

  2. Alive

    Guys, i wish you all the best here, i hope all of you will be successful here. This was great time for me in this faction, i found new friends, and thank you all of you for help and nice time here. I hope we will be together here again, one day..
  3. Nick: Alive. Rank: 4 Data antrenamentului pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 24.09.2017 Motivul: I am on work in that time. Alte precizări: Multumesc !

    Or am i better off without youu, without youu  ?

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    2. TLG CreS

      TLG CreS

      Omule, te bagi peste femeia lui Dejan, ai grija cu sniperistii de pe blocurile de langa tine.

    3. Dark Night
    4. Alive


      Listen Cres, he know Dejan :D he said smart thing :D

  5. ?

    1. Dejan88


      She is Serbian, not ganci.


    2. Alive


      Hahaha :D tigan :D

  6.  ?

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    2. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      But....but in the past You were like "când nu ești cu ea..."

    3. Alive


      So ? :D I don't know a lot romanian singers, I know just some.. so I listen songs of them. I like that songs

    4. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      Ok ok I understand :)

      And btw, gg joining in TFG :D

  7. Alive

    Haha I am fine, happy because I am in ng now I have what to do
  8. Alive

    Hello people, I am new here, I hope will be good time there
  9. esti dulcele meu chin..

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