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  1. Nick: ElyaS Rank: 2 Data warurilor la care nu poți ajunge: 14.10.2019 Numarul de invoiri pe aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Motivul învoirii: Nu sunt a casa / im not at home. Alte precizări: Goodluck for war, if i reach home ill come.
  2. Nick: ElyaS Rank: 1 Data warurilor la care nu poți ajunge: 11.10.2019 Numarul de invoiri pe aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Motivul învoirii: I have a test tomorrow and i can't be online. Alte precizări: Goodluck for war.
  3. Pass request cancelled. I played all wars.
  4. oC ElyaS

    Nickname: Elyas Data: 04.10.2019 Motivul: absent la war. Suma platita: 5.000$ Screen-shoot: https://imgur.com/a/XKx9vYw Alte precizari: -
  5. Nick: Elyas Rank:1 Data warurilor la care nu poți ajunge:03.10.2019 Numarul de invoiri pe aceast : 1 Motivul învoirii: Nu sunt in casa acum.. Alte precizări: ..
  6. oC ElyaS

    Nickname: ElyaS Data: 27.09.2019 Motivul: - I was absent because i had guests at my home. Suma platita: 12,000$ Screen-shoot:https://imgur.com/a/JrkodZn Alte precizari: .
  7. oC ElyaS

    More to Celebrate , Nice Update tho ❤️.
  8. oC ElyaS

    Nickname: ElyaS Rank: 3 Reason: I'm not sure if i can be here or not because tomorrow i have some extra activities at college and no one knows when it'll end. Date of the wars: 27.08.2019 Total number of pass requests: 1.
  9. oC ElyaS

    I'm waiting from 9 oclock and its 4:38 now xD , How long can my life get?
  10. oC ElyaS

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee , waiting for servers to openn!
  11. oC ElyaS

    @AdiOwn add me to discord server : Elyas#1852
  12. oC ElyaS

    Waiting for fiziune , Cant wait to see servers active again.
  13. Nick : ElyaS Rank: 1 Motivul absentei: I have a special meeting arranged that day so i can get late. Data warului: 30/07/2019 Alte precizari?: I will try to come home on time and join in for other wars. Numarul total de invoiri: 1/2
  14. oC ElyaS

    Nick: ElyaS Rank: 1 Suma: 10,000$ Data: 23.07.2019 Motiv: pt -600 sec pe war. Proof: https://i.imgur.com/Mbihs8f.png
  15. oC ElyaS

    Nick: ElyaS Rank : 1 Suma : 5k Data: 22.07.2019 Motiv: -5. Dovezi: https://i.imgur.com/1f7Nc3T.png?1

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