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  1. Nick: [zL]ElyaSRank:2Motiv: vreau arrest suspect etc.Alte precizari: Multumesc Nazze.
  2. zL ElyaS

    >>>>> ( My Suggestion Overall ) <<<<< >>>>> ( sugestiile mele ) <<<<< B-Zone Server fusion SERVERS FUSION. For the B-zone community perfection , I guess we should merge the servers as follows. RPG1 with RPG4. Reason: We need to keep the B-zone Community equal so we should merge The Higher server with the Lower server so its balanced. RPG2 with RPG3. Reason: Both servers are actually Mid ranged servers which means they both will make a good part in balancing. 1. THE ADMINS AND HELPERS STAFF The only thing which can happen without letting anyone sad or unhappy is to Merge all of the helpers and admins at one place. Which means all of them will have same duty as they had on the previous RPG3 or RPG4 servers Because everyone knows that no one will stay as a helper or admin for ever. This might help in not recruiting more staff members and wait until some other helper or admins resigns to recruit bunch of new staff team. ( This will take some time but its the best which can happen because everything will get balanced in some interval of time). 2. LEADERS As you have mentioned @Kelton that both of the server leaders will control the faction and its the best you can do without letting anyone unhappy. I would like to suggest to keep both leaders at same time and wait until one resigns on his own will so that everything can seem equal and the faction can go to its own phase. (Once 1 of them 2 leaders resign , there will be no more 2 leaders in that faction, It will remain with one leader at a time so that server can get back into its phase). 3. FACTION MEMBERS All of the members should be shifted exactly the same how they were in previous faction with the same amount of faction warns etc. The faction slots should be 50 for Peaceful factions , 50 for Department factions , 30 for Gang factions and 50 for hitmen agency. No matter if players goes more then the available slots such as 70/50 , People resigns to change there factions and soon Faction will get to its original size 50/50 and if it gets less then leader should start recruiting. [..]. Sub - Leaders One Subleader should be choosed by one leader at a time of merging so that both leaders can feel that the fusion is done equally until one of the leader resigns. 4. HOUSES AND BUSINESSES This is the main thing where the fusion comes to hard decision. BUT it is possible in one way so that no one can be left unhappy. I thought many ways but the best way was that , Before merging the servers you should check there INCOME and see how much price they paid on buying that business/House, After knowing the price then you should pay them the exact price and take away there business / house. ( In Short : They will get there money which they paid for that biz / house and the business/house can be kept with state for further auctions , this way everything will look fair and equal). Note: Big Business and houses should be left or given the correct amount of money which they deserves. 5. CLANS This part is not that hard , Just before merging servers you should check the clans with same tag/names by there date of creation , Who's clan has been created from a long time can keep there name and tag and the other clan should be given a free clan name/tag change. 6. ACCOUNTS Accounts should get transferred with all important data: level, money, hours played, rp-s, all points, etc. If there is no account registered with the same name, then the player that gets transferred gets to keep the same name. If there is an account registered with the same name, then the player that gets transferred will get to freely choose a new nickname To free up some names we will delete all level 1-5 accounts inactive for at least half a year. 7. PUNISHMENTS Every punishment should be kept the same. 8. BANNED ACCOUNTS For a month after we have fused there will be a 75% discount for unban options. Players that intend to start playing again on the server will have to buy unban to prove that they truly want to play and not continue to cause problems. If we freely unban everyone then we will have more problems with cheaters, players that to illegal business and so on. 9. GANG TURFS Because there will be a lot of new gang members in the fused servers we will reset the turfs to offer equal chances to everyone and also give reasons for them to be active. Lets grow the b-zone community once again like before with new method of fusing. Regards : ElyaS ( RPG2 Staff Team ).
  3. ~Be strong in the face of others and you will get to their upper level from all points of view~ I like this on your profile tho. Nice
  4. zL ElyaS

    Bună ziua, uneori din cauza host nu vă puteți conecta la site-ul web. Puteți aștepta câteva zile și verificați din nou, dacă încă nu funcționează, postați un videoclip, astfel încât administratorii să poată lucra pe acesta.
  5. zL ElyaS

    Discord ID: Elyas#1852 Rank(s) wanted: Helper si Hitmen member. RPG profile link: https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/account/general The rank bar from RPG profile: Link to your Youtube account (Youtubers Only): - Do you want voice channels? (Youtubers Only): -
  6. @Rustom Congo pt 1000 zile in LVPD.
  7. Nick: Rage Rank: 2 Reason: I love being in swat and go after wanteds and no drepts. Other specifications: Thanks qAndrei <3.
  8. zL ElyaS

    Nume in joc: [zL]ElyaS.Durata contractului: 13 secunde.Screenshot când a fost indeplinit contractul (cu /timestamp inclus):
  9. zL ElyaS

    Nume in joc: [zL]ElyaS.Durata contractului: 4 secunde.Screenshot când a fost indeplinit contractul (cu /timestamp inclus):
  10. Nice topic. (edited) Bogdan trolled me to comment here. *Resigning soon*
  11. zL ElyaS

    Damn , I can see the community rising up to be honest. ( Nice Update ).
  12. zL ElyaS

    Meeting (session or activity): Session / sedinta nick: [zL]ElyaS Rank: 2 Date of meeting / activity: Time - 20:00 | Date - 17.04.2019 The reason: Reason is that i have exam on 17th. I can't miss the exam so i had to skip this meeting. I wanted to come but i can do nothing else because of exams. Other specifications: Thanks and Goodluck. Mult Noroc!
  13. zL ElyaS

    Nick: LynxX Level: 44 Age (real): 19 Gender(real): Male How old are you on the server?: 3 years on rpg2 and 6 months on rpg3. RPG profile link: (https://www.rpg3.b-zone.ro/account/general) and rpg2 in case you want to check experience (https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/account/general) The reason you want to become a Mayor: Well i want to work as an mayor in my 3 years of experience and try to help the server in every case. The biggest plan of mine is to encourage new players to play more and more on this server because starting is rough and while getting experience it becomes fun. Helping new player with 7- levels would be a perfect thing to keep this server on the top. What I intend to do for other players.: I would like to keep them up to date on everything, Come online on the best time when there's more players so i can help and guide them with server and help them with some money that i get from tax. By this we can have more players getting interest in playing B-zone daily. Talk to new members about server and find solutions of their problems by consulting them to admins. When there's hope there many ways to help this community up ;). Give me a chance so i can prove myself and make this server grow stronger and stronger for ever. The community also can be helped by keeping $1 tax so i can gather money for players of 3-7 levels and also make some events for them so they can earn a good amount of money at there start.
  14. zL ElyaS

    He is English but he play on rpg3 💔 (Aur Sunao )
  15. zL ElyaS

    Lol Yeah , Rustom is also English player and he is right about that English players aren't active on forums.

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