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Happy Valentine's Day to all! Mai multe detalii aici


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  1. ilucian02

    Nick: .Hrean.ZEW Rank: 1 Motiv: Evidenta wars 13/09/2019, 12.09.2019, 11.09.2019 Dovada :https://imgur.com/a/PbXCT7n Alte precizari:
  2. ilucian02

    Nick: Adrian.EMBLEMATTBRank: 1Data sanctionari: 12.07.2019Suma depusă: $5.000Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/FK3OjHKMotivul: scor negativ la war.Alte precizări:Salut.
  3. ilucian02

    Nickname: HreanVeiner Rank: 1 Data si ora: Se vede in ss Motiv: Evidenta war 10.07.2019 Screen-shot(/fdeposit): https://imgur.com/a/MiwXPot Alte precizari: Pa
  4. ilucian02

    Nickname: HreanVeiner Rank: 3 Data si ora : 14.06.2019 17:29 Motiv: Evidenta wars Screen-shoot(/fdeposit): https://imgur.com/a/hgMwS8B Alte precizari?:Bafta!
  5. ilucian02

    Nickname:HreanVeiner Rank: 2 Data si ora : se vede in poza Motiv: Evidenta WARS Screen-shoot(/fdeposit): https://imgur.com/a/gO6K0s2 Alte precizari?: Bafta!
  6. ilucian02

    Nick : HreaNVeiner Rank:1 Motivul absentei :sunt plecat Data warului :15.04.2019 Alte precizari?:Multumesc. Numarul total de invoiri:1/2
  7. ilucian02

    NICK : HreaNVeiner Rank : Data : 11.04.2019 Motiv : 1/4 absent. Dovada : https://imgur.com/a/pJ7kJrO Alte Precizari: sal pa

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