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V-am pregătit un Quest total special pe serverele RPG. Detalii aici


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  1. HeavenlyFaucet

    I love this WCG clip, especially the haircut they made for their legend players. You should check this out too, YueQuiang Dai but he's playing from another game title. WCG sure have a taste on haircut Reference for Yueqiang > http://www.wcg.com/news/view/512
  2. HeavenlyFaucet

    The prize pool of WCG Xi'an 2019 is out now, do you think thats too much money for a regional qualifier? Dota2 (PC Game), Crossfire (PC Game) and Honor Of Kings (Mobile game) have the same prizepool worth of 1st place - 80,000 2nd place - 40,000 3rd place - 20,000 Source > http://www.wcg.com/news/view/457
  3. HeavenlyFaucet

    They finally released the prizepool for all games. Looks like this would be a interesting match for CF. Anyway here is the summary for known game titles Dota2 (PC Game) , CrossFire (PC Game) and Honor Of Kings (Mobile game) are tied with the prizepool of 1st place = 80,000 USD 2nd place = 40,000 USD 3rd place = 20,000 USD Source > http://www.wcg.com/news/view/457 #WCG

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