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Happy Halloween B-Zone. Detalii aici

Dăm drumul ediției 9 de Miss and Mister B-Zone. Detalii aici


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  1. Such an awesome update, KEEP IT UP !!
  2. DjC

    Ey, what's up people, how y'all doing ?! Wish best weekend for all
  3. GooD, GooD, fine as always that i have see you, Thanks
  4. What's up everyone!! wishes best in this weekend, How y'all doing?
  5. DjC

  6. DjC

    It might be great !! Recommend to use for once.
  7. DjC

    e ok
  8. DjC

    e ok
  9. *Nick: .DjC. *Rank: 3 *Date of the meeting / event: 11.10.2020 at 20:00 *Reason for absenteeism (1/2): My monitor broke and can't play with my second system(Laptop), i have no mouse to play for this activity. *Other specifications?: Best wishes for the members
  10. DjC

    very bine
  11. DjC

    @Delgado Can i just visit the activity !? cause i don't have mouse to play, or do i make absent request ?!
  12. DjC

    Hello people, how you all doing this week !?, I wish you all the best for this week.
  13. DjC

    E ok
  14. DjC

    E ok.
  15. DjC


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