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  1. Daca ma mai editezi Teylo il pun sa iti ia si tie armele
  2. Nume: Tati.FoReVaRiAnG Rank: 2 Actiuni namecover: https://ibb.co/c1QT0QF https://ibb.co/ykBZp55 https://ibb.co/3WvgVdK https://ibb.co/KXqXV4D https://ibb.co/HqfKv3k Numarul de actiuni namecover : 1 x Drugs Possesion + /confiscate Alte precizari: -
  3. Nume:Tati.FoReVaRiAnG Rank : 2 Actiuni namecover : https://ibb.co/C7yXZCH https://ibb.co/R43X7yX https://ibb.co/b1TKcZ4 https://ibb.co/vsxx4mn https://ibb.co/f8gpBcj Numarul de actiuni namecover : 1x posesie droguri + /confiscate Alte precizari : -
  4. Nume: Tati.FoReVaRiAnG Rank : 2 Actiuni namecover : www.imgur.com/a/1YVBlW6 Numarul de actiuni namecover : 1x posesie droguri + /confiscate Alte precizari : Nu am
  5. Nume: Tati.FoReVaRiAnG Rang: 1 Dovezi: https://imgur.com/a/ZIIZeYx Alte specificatii: Nu doresc nimic.

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