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  1. * Name: FreeQQ * Rank: 4 * RPG bar (small): * Why do you want this function?: i wanna help the management By testing the new condidates that they wanna join LVPD! * Do you speak english fluently?: Of Course! * Do you think you can help us with the candidates?: Yes, Of course! * Other specifications: Thank's.
  2. * Nick: FreeQQ * Rank: 3 * Echipa: Swat * Lipsesc din motivul: Im not home * Alte precizari?: Thank u
  3. »Nick: FreeQQ »Rank: Rank 3 »Level: 69 »The current team: Roads »The desired team: Swat »Current team points (x/100): 100 Points »Other specifications: Thank u!
  4. • Nick:Moscow.SFSIUU • Rank:5 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY):05/06/2022 • Reason:i'm not at home • Request number(x/2):1/2 • Anything else?:-
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