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  1. » Nick: Ryuzaki.» Rank: Mechanic (2)» Data: 22/04/2018 ora 20:00» Motivul invoirii: i've something to do
  2. Nick: Ryuzaki. Rank: Special Agent (2) Date of the meeting: 13/01/2018 - 20:00 Reason: I have important personel staff at that time to do. Other specifications: Thanks for understanding, I apperciate.
  3. RW Ryuzaki

    I've had good time here guys and I really enjoyed Thanks for all and good luck everyone!
  4. Back To Business

  5. RW Ryuzaki

  6. RW Ryuzaki

    Your nickname: Stephen Rank: 6 Punished members: eNdz0rw0w Punishments: FactionWarn Date: 07.07 Reason: Detective job during the wars Proof: Here! Other specifications: Good luck.
  7. RW Ryuzaki

    Welcome !
  8. RW Ryuzaki

  9. In this topic you can post any souvenir given to our faction. You are not allowed to post photos that contain porn, otherwise you will be sanctioned.
  10. RW Ryuzaki

    Nickname: Stephen Level: 21 Rank: Regional Officer (6) Deposited amount: $5.000 Date and hour: 01.07 (13:30-14:00) Proof: Click! Reason: -5 at war.
  11. RW Ryuzaki

    Welcome all new members, have a fun with us
  12. RW Ryuzaki

    Nick: Stephen Rank: Regional Officer (6) The reason for your absence: My friends called me for Football match. The wars date: 29.06 Total number of pass requests this week: 1.

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