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TLG Cristian

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    ❤bikers are people// Admin Nivel 2❤
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    ❤Motors❤ & Mecanica & PC repair & CS:GO

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    nam bani

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    nam nici dasta

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  1. TLG Cristian

    Discord ID:CristyaN.100DeFemei#9897 Gradul/Gradele dorite: Admin RPG si Faction member LSPD. Link catre profilul RPG: https://www.rpg4.b-zone.ro/players/general/Cristian Rank bar-ul profilului RPG:
  2. TLG Cristian

  3. TLG Cristian

    Nick: Cristian Poza cu transfer: https://imgur.com/fmNNE1f Alte precizari: Happy Birthday sa moara baietii !!
  4. TLG Cristian

    Nume: [TLG]Cristian Am sustinut testul cu: Louye Rezultatul final (Admis/Respins): Acceptat! Data: 18.04.2019 Rezultat proba teoretica: 2.5/3 Rezultat proba practica: 7/8
  5. TLG Cristian

    Nume: [TLG]Cristian Am sustinut testul cu: Gabriel.m Rezultatul final (Admis/Respins): Acceptat! Data: 13.04.2019 Rezultat proba teoretica: 2/3 Rezultat proba practica: 8/8
  6. TLG Cristian

    Nume: [TLG]Cristian Am sustinut testul cu: oana Data: 27.03.2019 Rezultat proba teoretica: 3/3 Rezultat proba practica: - Rezultatul final (Admis/Respins): Respinsa!
  7. TLG Cristian

    @Grasunelul tu hai discord
  8. TLG Cristian

    Topic Close!

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