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  1. Special Unit Military of Serbia.


  2. Special Forces ;) Serbia| 147955_01-specijalci-2_f.jpg?1496258992

    1. AT DarkNight

      AT DarkNight

      Damn man...nice :D

  3. TeG Dr Dejan

    Nick: Dr.Dejan Rank: 1 Ma învoiesc la: WAr Data in care se tine activitatea: 14.9.2017. Motiv: I want to chill today. Numarul de invoiri din aceasta saptamana: It's first. Alte precizari: No.
  4. TeG Dr Dejan

    @T w i t c h - I got FW for nothing, he didn't upload video where is showed that i fire on him. He uploaded just stupid SS where is notificated that he were hited by me. Also i have to hit him more times to be resulted like DM. What in situation that i am pressed CTRL or click random and shooted him (but i won't to do that). ? Also i already told you and uploaded links to see where he killed me in rob, we was on airport vs some cops, and possible that i shooted him one time i don't know. But okay that's your decision. But i am sure that FW is for nothing.
  5. TeG Dr Dejan

    Nick: Dr.Dejan Rank: 1 Platesc amenda conform evidentei din data: 13/09/2017 Sumă: 5.000$ Motiv: -5 la war ScreenShot: https://postimg.org/image/lzzmbdng5/ Alte precizări: nu



  7. TeG Dr Dejan

    Hello niggers i am now with you AT WARS PUT THIS SONG ON YOUTUBE AND ENJOY ON WARS
  8. We can't make good activity for class 2 right now because of B-day, but when quest / gift etc finish, you'll be f**ed
  9. TeG Dr Dejan

    So my friends, admins... we have a lot jobs in next some days.
  10. I am going at moring to vacation, so please, i talk with CLASS 2, if you have something to ask or problem please talk with other commanders for first, if they are off contact Dan. then. I will be back in next 5 days, enjoy in game, see you my niggaz <3

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