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I love you Roxanika

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  1. Welcome
  2. Hey guys what's up
  3. I am fine bruh What about you ? I do get less time to come to PC I am working on future.
  4. Weee Saaal guys anyone here or everyone flew away ? :V
  5. KHALSAAAAAAAAAAAAA, please come back to server. 

    We have a leader, you miss me!

    I got Rank 4 and leader say to me "For now we have enough tester so i will not ad you in test log pm when i need you i will, So don't use /ft command to invite and test, otherwise you will get fw or rank will down" this is my life, full of idiots

    Peleg said me to vote Tall, and now Peleg have rank 6 and Queen ale resigned because he does not accept to rank 5 at 100+ days.

    Please help SFSI, ur old faction, Faction need you!

    1. I love you Roxanika

      I love you Roxanika

      I respect your thought friend.

      But, No one else need me.

      and I have Imp. stuff to do in real life, Soo too hard.

  6. I am fine. Sorry bruh, But I have got no time now ... Hey
  7. Hello everyone What's up? How's life is going on?
  8. Ye, That happened in same day.
  9. Allooo ? 20 days, No answer.
  10. Okay.
  11. Bye bye everyone. Good luck for your future. Stay happy with new leader, Mr Tallat. Tallat, I will come someday if you gimme chance. If you need any help, You know where you will get me. Take care, Have fun.
  12. Good bye, Khalsa.  i will remember you as best leader of B-Zone, God  with you.

  13. It happened 2-3 times. But one that moment only.. And I saw many /n about that..
  14. Helper applications open only when staff need helpers. So no one can tell you when it will open. You have to check the application everyday, or stay turned with notification about helper app.