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SF Police Department - Aplică în SWAT / Apply to SWAT


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Atunci cand iti schimbi echipa din SWAT in ROADS sau din ROADS in SWAT prin intermediul aplicatiei pe forum ai obligatia sa iti termini raportul complet pe saptamana curenta conform punctajului din echipa in care faci parte.
Exemplu: Daca aplici Vinerea in echipa SWAT / ROADS va trebui sa ai completat raportul pe saptamana curenta conform punctajului echipei din care faci parte.

Dacă doreşti să intri în SWAT şi ai rank 2+ poti aplica aici. 

Daca ai rank 2 si pici testul de arme poti aplica din nou la rank 3.

Daca ai rank 3+ si pici testul trebuie sa astepti o saptamana pentru a putea da din nou testul.

Testul consta in 9 Duele 
6 Deagle 

3 M4


* Nick:
* Rank:
* Motiv:
* Alte precizari:


When you change your team from SWAT to ROADS or from ROADS to SWAT through a forum application, you are required to complete the full report for the current week based on the score of the team you belong to.
Example: If you apply on Friday in the SWAT / ROADS team, you will have to complete the report for the current week according to the score of the team you belong to.

If you want to enter in SWAT and you're rank 2+  you can apply after the next model:

If you have rank 2 and fail the weapon test you can apply to rank 3 again.  

If you rank 3+ and fail the test you have to wait a week to be able to take the test again.  

The test consists of 9 duels

6- Deagle  

3 -M4



* Nick:
* Rank:
* Reason:
* Other specifications:

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Nick: Mounir

Rank: 2

Reason: i love S.W.A.T team :)

Other specifications: Thank You

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