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Regulament Intern / Intern rules

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English Version:

Before you'll aplly in News Reporters you must know the followings:



General - Specifications


1. Inactives members will be punished with: demote. Cases in which a member may be considered as an inactive:

  • he takes a place for nothing

2. Members can have any weapon they want as long as they:

  • won't make DM with them, the weapons are for auto-defend; - sanction: faction warn
  • will rob a bank, but in this case, they can make DM only on cops; - sanction: faction warn
  • the DeathMatch or Drive-by is forbidden without a good reason on colleagues: sanction: faction warn.

3. News Reporters faction doesn't have any treaty of peace.

4. Each case is individualy punishable, the sanctions may varry. The leader will summarize:

  • the comportament;
  • the gravity of the mistake;
  • previously mistakes;

5. The members can wear the following skins:

  • civilian's skins: any skin of type Platinum; - sanction: faction warn
  • faction's skins: like in News Reporters - Informations; - sanction: faction warn

6. You can find other informations about the sanctions in the following links:

7. You're not allowed to be Away From Keyboard (AFK) in faction's vehicles. - sanction: verbal warning

8. Unrespecting or insulting the faction's lead (rank 5+) will be punished as following:

  • noob, idiot child, other easy insults: faction warn
  • s*ck my d*ck, f*ck, other heavy insults, whetere they are censored or not: demote

9. Faction's lead is immune to some of the rules like: contests schedules, the time between promotion news etc.


General - Blacklist


* Those who have acces at adding / deleting players from blacklist are members with rank 4+ in News Reporters.


1. Members with rank 4 and 5 must have the leader's accord in order to add / delete a player on / from blacklist; - sanction: faction warn

2. Only players with level 7+ may be added on blacklist, wheter they are civilians or not; - sanction: faction warn

3. Adding / deleting a player on / from blacklist must have an exact reason and valid proofs; - sanction: faction warn / demote

4. You can make DM on players who are on blacklist, only when they're not at an event or important activity, until they pay the blacklist;

5. Rank 4+ players when adding a blacklist player will have to post the evidence in the News Reporters - Blacklist topic according to the model; - sanction: faction warn.


Blacklist warnings:

  • 1 warning: easy insults, rizzing (a member / the faction), not leaving alone an ON-Duty member, DM/DB without reason, SPAM (exactly 3 lines) while the members is at free news, sending SMS's with the same good to 2 or more reporters while they are at free news, spam (3+ lines) during an interview / show on [/ l].
  • 2 warnings: heavy language, excesive DM/DB, excesive not leaving alone an ON-Duty member, SPAM 3+ lines;
  • it will be accorded: 1 warning for each deviation;
  •  Other reasons why a player can be added to the blacklist can be found in the News Reporters - Blacklist topic;

Blacklist pay:

  • the players who aren't paying the blacklist in 72 hours will be punished with: demote;
  • you can pay the blacklist on website or in game using [/mybl];
  • when you pay the blacklist you'll no longer be on it;
  • requesting or accepting money via [/transfer], [/pay] or anything like this to pay the blacklist is illegal, help the player with informations about the command or website feature of paying the blacklist; - sanction: demote


General - Inactivities



Inactivity requests will be related to the activity report, so the player will be invoiced for the weekly report in which the request for inactivity is accepted.
      A faction member will be able to create inactivity only for the following weeks (Not weekly) and only if he / she does not already have an accepted application for the week that follows:

  • Rank 0/1: Will not be able to open inactivity requests;
  • Rank 2: They may create inactivity only for the next week;
  • Rank 3+: They may create inactivity for the next week or for the next two weeks;


1. You can have a number of free days as the following:

  • 14 days once in 45 played days; the members has above a month in faction
  • 7 days; the member has < 30 days in faction
  • 0 days; the members has < 7 days in faction

3. The members with an accepted inactivity request may play only one hour on server, or they can stay Away From Keyboard (AFK) with [/sleep], otherwise, the inactivity will be canceled.


[/news] Command - Specifications


1. [/news] command is used to announce the following news:

  • free news (1): news that are gave at exactly hours (xx:00) about buying, selling or switching a personal good;
  • roleplay news (2): news that give informations about the game;
  • promotion news (3): news that help us to promote our faction and our services;
  • bundle news (4): news on which players give us money to post them;

2. [/news] command won't be used for any other type of news; - sanction: faction warn

3. [/news] command won't be used abuseivly, news of type (2), (3) and (4), may have a maximum of  2 per news rounds; - sanction: faction warn

4. The ID's on [/news] will be like [/sms ID]; - sanction: faction warn

5. Any kinf of existing command will be like: [/command] (between right brackets); - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

6. On [/news], you must use the comma rule, which looks like: "word, word". Examples of wrong cases: "word , word", "word ,word". The comma is placed in the near of the first word, then you put let a blank space and after that, you start typing the second word.

7. At the end of the [/news] it will be placed a " . " (dot) or "!" (exclaming sign); - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

8. When you give a news that contain a player's name, you can skip the clan's tag.

9. Any king of incomplet / wrong / useless news will be punished with verbal warning / faction warn

10. Between two news of type (1), (2) and (4) (or between themselves) it must pass 2 minutes. - sanction: faction warn

11. News of type (3) may be given meanwhile free news and meanwhile an interview / tv show / contest .

12. The [/ news] order will not be used for abuses or other misconceptions; - sanction: dismissal


[/news] Command - Free News (1)


*Free news are news given at exactly hours (xx:00), base on [/sms]'s from players which want to buy / switch / sell a personal good.

*The start will be given on [/news] immediately after the payday message.

1. The maximum number of participants at free news is 4 reporters; - sanction: faction warn

2. The list with the members which want to participate at free news will be made as following:

  • at :xx:50 by rank 3+;
  • at :xx:55 by rank 2;
  • at :xx:56+ by rank 1;

They must give a message like this on faction's chat ([/f]): "Who wants to participate at free news must type [/f <id>]!".

The list will be composed from a member declared as a start+Stop and from members who will help.

*Not doing as above / the conflict betweend those who want to make the list will be punished with: faction warn.


3. The member declared as a start+Stop must do the following:

  • he must put his ID first always; - sanction: faction warn
  • he must obtain the ID's of the participants;
  • will write a test news on faction's chat ([/f]) and the free news helpers must verify their ID's; - sanction: faction warn
  • between :xx:05:30 - :xx:05:40 he must give on faction's chat ([/f]) the stop of free news; - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn
  • between :xx:05:50 - :xx:6:10 he must give on [/news] the stop of free news; - late start or late stop will be punished with: verbal warning / faction warn

4. The following news aren't allowed:

  • with illegal objects such as: arms, drugs, materials; - sanction: faction warn
  • with promotion of any kind of events; - sanction: faction warn
  • with rob; - sanction: faction warn
  • with any kind of stuff that can't be obtained using [/trade]1; - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

1Except: licenses, mandates and papers.

5. The name of cars and businesses will be written with upperletter (Ex.: Infernus, not infernus; CNN San Fierro, not Cnn san fierro); - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

6. The name of the player who send the SMS must be written exactly how it's showed. If it's showed ".EvolutioN", don't write ".EVOLUTION" or ".evolution". - sanction: faction warn

7. Before you post a news, verify the respective person. For example, a cop will give you a message in which he says that he sells licenses, you won't post it. - sanction: faction warn

8. The following abbreviations are allowed:

  • locations name: LS / SF / LV / HQ
  • factions name: NR (News Reporters) / LVPD (Las Venturas Police Departament) / SI (School Instructors) etc.
  • business name: CNN / ZIP / PNS etc.

9. Meanwhile free news, on faction's chat ([/f]) will talk only those who participate at the session. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

10. After the list is made, you won't be allowed to join the free news. If the respective member will be on the list, the followings will be punished with:verbal warning / faction warn : him who put the player on list (list mader / the member selected with start+Stop) and him, the member who wanted to give free news after the list was made.

11. After the list was made, you aren't allowed to publish news of type: roleplay / from bundle. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

12. It is forbidden for a reporter to give [/ news] the same announcement from a player, the announcement being the same; - sanction: faction warn.


[/news] Command - Roleplay news (2)


*Roleplay news are those news that are linked with the game. You can give roleplay news about:

  • locations on server;
  • existing commands;
  • rank / functions promotions;
  • informations and advices;
  • updates;

1. Roleplay news must have above 90 characters. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

2. When you want to post a news, you'll announce on faction's chat ([/f]) with 10 - 20 seconds before posting it on [/news]. - sanction: faction warn

3. In roleplay news are not allowed abvreviations. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

4. Are not allowed roleplay news linked to actions or locations that are inexistent or unrealisable. - sanctiune: faction warn

5. In case of news that are based on photo / video proofs, you must keep those 3 days in your computer. - sanction: faction warn

6. Uncreative announces are not allowed (Ex.: linked to weather, abbandoned cars etc.). - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

7. You can publish a news on two rounds as following:

  • first round must contain minimum 80 characters;
  • secound round must contain minimum 70 de characters;
  • secound round is not allowed to be longer than the first one (10+ characters);

Not respecting the rule 7. will be punished with: verbal warning / faction warn


[/news] Command - Promotion news (3)


*Promotion news are news that help us finding clients to our services like: bundle of news, interviews, tv shows etc.


1. Promotion news can be given at an interval of 10 minutes one to the other. - sanction: faction warn

2. Promotion news are linked only to our faction. You are not allowed to give promotion news linked to other factions. - sanction: rank-down / demitere


[/news] Command - Bundle news (4)


*Bundle news are news that players buy from us. Examples of bundle news:

  • Andra buys a car. You can contact her on forum, username: F4L Andra.
  • You don't know what to do with your free time? Jizzy Las Venturas waits for you with a Bizz Fee only of $45.

1. Between two bundle news must pass 5 minutes. - sanction: faction warn

2. You are not allowed to request a bundle on faction's chat ([/f]). - sanction: faction warn

3. If you refuse a bundle, you will be punished with: faction warn

4. You are not allowed to change the news from bundle as you want / the creator of request wants.It can be modified only if there are grammatical errors.  - sanction: faction warn

5. It's not allowed giving more news than there are in the bundle. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

6. After finishind the bundle, you have 24 hours to post the evidence in this topic News Reporters - Evidence of packs of news, otherwise you'll get a faction warn.

7. You can publish bundle news between 10:00 - 00:00. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn



[/live] Command - General


*[/live] command is used for: interviews, tv shows and contests.

Prices list:

  • interview: $20.000;
  • tv show: as much as the reporter wants(1$-20.000$);
  • contest: 25% from final prize;

Who'll not follow this list will be punished with: verbal warning / faction warn


1. You must follow the comma rule: "word, word". - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

2. On [/l] are not allowed abbreviations. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

3. Between [/l] and [/news] must pass 2 minutes, except when on [/news] is published a promotion news. - sanction: faction warn

4. If the [/live] is not ending until xx:58, you must take a break for free news, and then continue your [/live]. - sanction: faction warn / rank-down

5. [/live] command it's not for events (except tv shows of type: "eveniment")! - sanction: faction warn

6. The Interview can be accepted by the rank 3+, but only if the person who's making the request meets the requirements for an application, those who accept a request of live without to meet the requirements will be sanctioned with faction warn or rank-down. 

7. Any kind of wrong [/l] will be sanctioned with verbal warning at first deviation, faction warn at the second deviation.

8. Each Member of rank 3 accepts requests for interviews is obliged to respond to all pending applications, not to skip them, and punishment begins from the first infringement verbal warning and faction warn.

9. It is forbidden to provide interviews without request. - sanction: faction warn.

10. In order to avoid fraud in terms of interviews / contests, the reporter must post the record in the News Reporters - Evidence of interviews and contests - sanction: faction warn.


[/live] Command - Interviews


1. You must give an VW for each mistake of the guest. At 3 mistakes, he'll be kicked of interview without taking back his money. - sanction: faction warn

2. The maximum number of participants at an interview it's 8. - sanction: faction warn

3. At publics questions, you're not allowed to publish questions linked to tops or opinions (between 2 players or more) - sanction: faction warn / rank-down

4. If you refuse an interview accorded by the leader / subleader you'll be punished with: faction warn.

5. Participants in the interview who violate the following rules will automatically be removed by the live reporter.
- spam is banned on [/ l] chat;
- Caps-Lock is not allowed to be used abusively;
- it is forbidden to use vulgar language, whether censored or not;
- emoticons are not allowed;

* The rules in paragraph 5 are also valid for reporters, not just for guests. In breach of those rules, the reporter will be sanctioned with faction warn


[/live] Command - Contests


The contests schedules is the following:

  • friday: 18:00 - 22:00;
  • saturday: 18:00 - 22:00;
  • sunday: 16:00 - 20:00.

Who'll make contests outside this schedule will be punished with: faction warn.


[/live] Command - TV Shows


1. TV Shows are accorded either there is a request or not, to players with level 3+.

2. Uncreative TV Shows will be punished with: faction warn + demote from "qualified reporters".

3. Forum requests can only be accepted by the leader/ sublider; - sanction: faction warn.

4. For giving a TV Show you must have a simulation, you can make it here: News Reporters - Simulations requests. - sanction: rank-down




1. Before you start writing a papers, you must be allowed by a rank 3+. - sanction: faction warn

2. After you end writing the paper, you must request a rank 3+ to verifiy your paper, otherwise you'll be punished with: faction warn.

3. The price of a paper is $100, and the price of papers from bundle is $1. - sanction: verbal warning / faction warn

4. Papers from bundle are written by the one who give them, and are sent to members with rank 3+ to sell them. The one who wont cooperate will be punished with: faction warn / demote.

5. You can write papers only about staff members, sanction: verbal warning / faction warn.

6. Factions or car papers are forbidden; - sanction: faction warn.

7. In order to avoid fraud in the writing of newspapers (the written papers are totally wrong with the report), the reporter will have to post a record in the topic News Reporters-Evidence of newspapers

; - sanction: faction warn.

8. If there are newspapers that contain grammatical mistakes in the obvious topic, both the person who wrote the newspaper and the one who corrected it will be sanctioned with the faction warn.


General - Auto park


1. Before taking a News Van from Headquarters you must announce on [/f]. - sanction: faction warn

2. You are not allowed to abbandon News Vans. - sanction: faction warn

3. You're not allowed to stay Away From Keyboard in faction's vehicles. - sanction: verbal warning


General - Activites and meetings


*Activities are those actions organized by rank 5+ to make the reporter's life more amazing.

*Meetings are those actions organized by leader / subleader, in which they'll present some informations and will guide you in you carrier as a reporter.


1. The absensce will be punished with:

  • activity organized by a rank 5+: maximum verbal warning;
  • activity/meeting organized by leader / subleader: verbal warning / faction warn / ticket $50.000;

2. Who stays Away From Keyboard (AFK) at any action organized by our faction will be punished with: faction warn.

3. Being late at an activity will be punished with $10.000 (5- minutes) and you'll get: verbal warning (5+ minutes).

4. If you can't come to an activity, you must post a pass request in this topic, otherwise, you'll be punished.

5. Making noise at activities will be punished with: faction warn.




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