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Maya Jeleu

LS School Instructors - Statistici / Statistics

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*Aici va posta DOAR liderul sau subliderul, la sfârşitul fiecărei şedinţe sau activitate.

Model de postare:

  • Nickname:
  • Şedinţă / Activitate:
  • Data şi ora:
  • Membri prezenţi:
  • Membri învoiţi:
  • Membri absenţi:
  • Membri care au întârziat:
  • Rank up:
  • Alte precizări:



*ONLY the leader or subleader can post in this topic at the end of every meeting or activity.

Posting model:

  • Nickname:
  • Meeting / Activity:
  • Date and time:
  • Present members:
  • Consented members:
  • Absent members:
  • Delayed members:
  • Rank up:
  • Other specifications:


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