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LV Police Department - Testul de intrare / Test description

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Testul de intrare in LV Police Department consta in 2 probe:


1. Proba teoretica


2. Proba practica

  • Proba practica consta in insotirea membrului in devenire de catre tester in cadrul unei misiuni pe teren.
  • In cadrul acestei probe, se vor puncta urmatoarele:
    • Felul cum somati un jucator;
    • Felul in care decurge urmarirea;
    • Felul cum ii vorbiti;
    • Felul in care decurge misiunea per ansamblu;
    • Dovezile facute si trimise prin PM;
    • Pentru a putea trece acest test si a deveni membru LV Police Department, trebuie sa aveti un scor de cel putin 5/8.



Nota privind testerii:


1. Testerii au obligatia de a tine o evidenta cu dovezi foto sau video pe parcursul testelor din regulamente timp de 7 zile.

2. Aceasta evidenta trebuie sa contina dovezi cu toate persoanele testate, a intrebarilor adresate acestora si a raspunsurilor oferite de ele.

3. Dovezile nu vor fi publicate niciunde decat la cererea liderului sau a unui admin. In cazul in care se solicita aceste dovezi si nu exista, membrul responsabil cu testul va fi demis si se vor stabili masurile necesare pentru persoana cu care a dat testul.

4. In cazul in care testul este dat in mod incorect se vor aplica aceleasi sanctiuni ca mai sus.
5. Testerii trebuie sa prezinte regulamentul testului inainte de a-l sustine cu jucatorul si sa se asigure ca acesta l-a inteles cat si care sunt situatiile in care poate pica testul:

- Jucatorul trebuie sa raspunda pe /w sau /cw.

- Jucatorul trebuie sa aibe /turn off, /setfreq 0 si /togclan (daca e intr-un clan) pe perioada testului.

- Jucatorul nu are voie sa foloseasca ESC pe durata testului, precum nici sa dea /q sau crash in repetate randuri.

- Jucatorul trebuie sa aibe cel mult 3 greseli.

* Orice abatere de la regulile prezentate mai sus duc la picarea jucatorului.





Entrance test of LV Police Department is made of 2 parts:


1. Theoretical test

  • The theoretical test is made out of questions from the PD Rules, Internal Rules, Wanted & Ticket List. There is a posibility of some trap questions also.
  • To pass this test, you can't have more than 3 mistakes.


2. Practical test

  • The practical test consists of escorting the tested member by a tester during a field mission. During this test, there will be a score for:
    • The way you summon a player;
    • The way you chase the player;
    • The way you speak to the player;
    • The way the mission goes;
    • The proofs from PM that you have to sent;
    • To pass this test, you have to score at least 5 out of 8.


Note regarding the testers:


1. The testers have the obligation to keep an evidence with pictures or video during the tests from the regulations for 7 days.

2. This evidence must include proof of all tested players, of questions addressed and answers to them.

3. The evidence will not be posted anywhere unless your leader or an admin asks. If evidence is asked for and it does not exist, the member responsible with the test will be uninvited and we will establish the necessary measures for the person that took the test.

4. If the test is given incorrectly the same applications as above will be given.

5. The testers must present the regulation for the test before they take it with the players and make sure they understood it as well as what are the situations in which they fail the test:

- The player has to answer using /w or /cw.

- The player has to have /turn off, /setfreq 0, and /togclan (if it`s in a clan) during the test.

- The player is not allowed to use ESC or /q during the test, or to get lots of crashes.

- The player can have maximum 3 mistakes.

* Any deviation from the rules above will result the failing of the test.


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