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Advent Calendar 2018 [RPG Event & Discounts]

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Same as in previous years B-Zone has prepared an Advent Calendar with a ton of prizes for each day of December.

The special events can be seen soon, directly on the RPG website for each day of the month. So if you want to know what events we have prepared in a certain day, all you need to do is click on the present of that day and see the surprises.


Each prize from the calendar can be won by one player or by everyone depending on its type:


  • all.png - all online players will receive the gift with this icon.
  • single.png- only one online player picked randomly will receive the gift with this icon.





- only online players can receive these gifts.

- prizes like „Clear Warn” and „Clear FP” will only be given to players that have warns or faction punish.

- the vehicles you win will value 0$ and cannot be sold to other players.

- for prizes like „Random Bronze Skin", the server will randomly pick a Bronze Skin the player doesn't own. If the player owns all skins of that type, he will receive the skin's value instead ($20.000).

- players that do not have free car slots cannot win car prizes. The same thing applies to players that own all Silver or Platinum skins for skin prizes.

- for the „30 Days Clan Renewal" prize, the server will randomly pick a clan whose owner is online at the moment of the extraction.




December brings twice the fun. You can enjoy two special quests: Romania's Day Quest (1-9 December), Christmas Quest (17-31 December).

To keep the surprise even bigger, the prizes will only be announced at the beginning of each quest.


Spoiler: You will have to drink a lot.




Two special quests cannot come without getgift. So during the two quests you can use /getgift in order to receive one of the following prizes: between 5.000$ - 25.000$, between 1 - 5 Respect Points, between 10 - 50 Gold, 1 - 5 days of Premium Account or between 5 - 10 Mission Points.




Since celebration goes hand in hand, Bobo has prepared for his birthday a special event in which you are all invited. On the 14th of December he will give you drinks, all you have to do is drink enough until your monitor is drunk... maybe also drink something in real life for full effect. You will receive the prizes valuing 50 Gold only if you consume enough alcoholic drinks.




If you've been nice this year Saint Nicholas will bring you a special gift on the 6th of December. All you have to do is to log in that day on the server and after a few minutes you will receive the location of the gift on your map. Go to the gift in order to see what you received from Nicholas.


Be careful, if you've been naughty and received punishments you might receive a different type of „gift” from him!




Good news for faction members. During the holidays Santa brings optional activity reports so you can spend time having fun on the server or together with your loved ones.
During the 24th of December - 06th of January faction activity reports will be optional and wars will be deactivated.




To fill up the glass and make everything great we have also prepared discounts. The first series of discounts will take place between the 01st of December - 07th of December. The second series will be during Christmas, between the 17th of December - 31st of December.

The discounts will be activated automatically during these periods and you can only see them in game using the /shop command.
Be careful, the image above is only for publicity and does not represent the real discounts.


Shopping Guide

Step 1: Register an account on the https://shop.b-zone.ro website or login if you already have an account.
Step 2: Add funds into your account. See the following tutorials about adding funds to the account aici.
Step 3: Convert the credit in Gold by placing orders from the Order page.
Step 4: Buy the desired products with the [/shop] command or go to the DealerShip [/buyvehicle].
Step 5: Enjoy your new acquisitions!
For any misunderstandings you can use the LiveSupport service from the shop.b-zone.ro website.
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Ohoo, mulțumim. Darnic este Moșul anu asta.

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Adevarat Heruvim, e darnic, speram sa se bage update-ul curand! FARA BUGURI :))


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Ho, Ho, Ho, dragi mosului!


Un update frumos!

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Frumos, sper sa se bage astazi sa am ce face pe joc :))❤️

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1 minute ago, TLG KristyanN said:

Frumos, sper sa se bage astazi sa am ce face pe joc :))❤️

Probabil se v-a baga la 23:59..

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Abia astept ❤️

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Multumim frumos nenea Kelton. Abea astept update!

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