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Review - HTC U11

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When you first hold the HTC U11 on your hand, it may feel a bit strange and take you some time to get used to. After all, it's incredibly light and it almost seems like you have something plasticky in your hand.

Although HTC has always used a metal construction on all their previous models, the HTC U11 is a mixture of metal and glass. You easily notice the aluminum frame between the two glass panels as well as the curved edges and rounded corners.

One of the things that we really like about the HTC U11 is that the color will change depending on the angle that you're looking at, And this just gives it a premium look and feel.

If there is one thing that we really believe they should have paid attention to is the fact that this smartphone can be very slippery. The fact that it is made with glass on the front and back and that is round, it may easily fall off your hand in case you don't like to use a protective case. Nevertheless, HTC includes one clear plastic case in the package.

While we are talking about the body design, we just can't miss mentioning an amazing standout feature that is included in the HTC U11 - the new Edge Sense technology. This is the newest technology from HTC that allows you to access all the functions and apps on your smartphone. From turning on your phone's flashing light to launch Google Assistant, or to simply open the camera, you can do it all. The HTC U11 includes pressure sensors on the sizes. So, you just need to squeeze them to open an app or take a photo.


Most top brands like LG, Samsung, or Essential, have launched some new smartphones already this year and they are trying to break with the tradition by making narrower and taller smartphones. However, HTC decided to remain more traditional and the HTC U11 includes a 5.5 inches Quad HD Super LCD 5 display (1440 X 2560), with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Although we believe the HTC U11 has a good design overall, the bezels are still too thick. Despite the fact that it doesn't affect the usability, when you compare it with other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the HTC U11 seems outdated.

In what concerns the quality of the screen, we only have one word to describe it: perfect! The colors are vibrant, the viewing angles are amazing, and it's crisp and sharp. Even when you are in the outdoor, you won't have any visibility problem, unlike other smartphone models.

One of the features that we believe HTC still needs to work on is on the auto-brightness. It works but we were expecting it to work a lot better.

The HTC U11 that is being sold in the US is different from the one that is being sold in the rest of the world. While in the US, you only have the option to buy the HTC U11 with 64GB of onboard storage, which is expandable up to 256 GB with a microSD card, in the rest of the world you also have the option to buy the HTC U11 with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM. We sure would like to have the same alternatives but that is not possible, unfortunately.

One of the best things about the new HTC U11, and that is a clear improvement from the HTC 10, is the audio quality. It now has more clarity and is louder which is quite remarkable since both models are using the same tweeter and woofer combo.

If there is something that we miss is the headphone jack. However, in order to cover it, HTC is adding the USonic earphones in the package which are able to deliver one of the best sound qualities you can imagine. In case you already have some earphones and you like them, you can still continue to wear them with the new HTC U11 since they also include a 3.5 mm to USB Type-C adapter in the package.

The HTC U11 continues to have most of the capacitive keys on the front they usually have. The home button also serves as a fingertip sensor which continues to be very reliable and speedy.

Just like most top smartphone brands on the market have been doing for some time now. the new HTC U11 is finally water resistant. It features an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance meaning that if you submerge it in water, it will continue to work.
In what concerns to the software that is being used in the HTC U11, it seems that almost nothing has changed. The new HTC smartphone runs the Android 7.1.7 Nougat with the HTC's Sense. It also comes with the same apps that previous models have included like a theme store, a vertical scrolling app drawer, and BlinkFeed.

Although HTC could have taken this opportunity to improve the Sense that is starting to feel a bit dated, they are still able to not put a lot of apps that most people don't usually use. And this happens even on their Sprint version, where you only have a couple of pre-installed Sprint apps.

One of the biggest additions in terms of software on the HTC U11 is the addition of another digital assistant (besides the built-in Google Assistant) - the Sense Companion. While Google Assistant tends to dominate in answering questions and search, it seems that the Sense Companion works just like if you had a digital secretary. It will remind you to recharge your phone, that you still didn't meet your normal step count, provide restaurant recommendations when it's time to lunch or dinner, or provide you with traffic information when it's time to go home or to work.

And if you think two assistants were already more than enough, it is expected that in the coming days the third assistant will be incorporated in the HTC U11 - Alexa. The Amazon's voice assistant won't need any third-party app work in the HTC U11.  


                                                                                                            Source: https://filmora.wondershare.com/4k/htc-u11-review.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwi43oBRDBARIsAExSRQEWCvKy0SSOSA3I4Qee8Id0psEMvVGa8sWYVj3OBsntUfCyYg4zDCcaAlnmEALw_wcB


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