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[PYTHON] Chatlog reader

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import pyperclip, time, getpass
from os.path import getsize
from pathlib import Path

username = getpass.getuser()
path = Path('C:\\Users\\'+ username + '\\Documents\\GTA San Andreas User Files\\SAMP\\chatlog.txt')

if path.is_file():
    print(f"Heyy {username}")
    path = input('Chatlog directory path > ')

cuv_cap = {

     'virgin' : 'me',
     'Romania' : 'Bucuresti',
     'gay' : 'user88',
     'BMW' : 'i8',
     'ugbase' : 'nothin'

custom_pref = input('custom prefix[blank = no prefix]: ')

def chatEntry(custom_pref):
    if not custom_pref or custom_pref in ['no', 'nu', 'n'] :
        return None
    elif custom_pref:
        return custom_pref


def read_lines(path):
    if getsize(path) > 0:
        with open(path, 'r+') as chatlog:
            for line in chatlog:
                for cuv, cap in cuv_cap.items():
                    if cuv in line:
                        print(f"Key: [{cuv}] Value: [{cap}] --> PRINT{[cap]}")
                        pyperclip.copy(chatEntry(custom_pref) + " " + cap)

                    if cap in line:
                        print(f"Value: [{cap}] Key: [{cuv}] --> PRINT{[cuv]}")

                        pyperclip.copy(chatEntry(custom_pref) + " " + cuv)

while True:
    except PermissionError:
    except FileNotFoundError:
        raise Exception("PathError: Path(chatlog.txt) is WRONG")

Un simplu mod care iti citeste chatlog-ul si iti seteaza cuvantul in clipboard cand il gaseste in chat

merci @monday pentru niste optimizari

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Aolo franzelo, ce limbaj ti-ai gasit si tu sa faci programu asta, desi e unul relativ cautat, nu mi-a placut niciodata din simplul fapt ca nu pot sa-mi fac damblaua sa-mi pun paranteze, acuolade si punct si virgula =)), mna obisnuinta...

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