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[ADDONS] PUBNite - Battlegrounds | Fortnite + PUBG

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Descriere: Counter-Strike 1.6 PUBNITE – BATTLEGROUND + FORTNITE Effects + Abilites Skills FDL XTREME CSO BETA Awesome MoD ( 2k20 ) [ LATEST ].

Counter-Strike 1.6 PUBNITE – BATTLEGROUND [PUBG + FORTNITE] Mod/Addon Where You Can Turn Up Ur Skill To Become Pro In Gaming Arena And You Can Able To Play With On Multiplayer Level Skill And I Maked This Fully Unlock Plugin + Awesome Settings 

Counter-Strike 1.6 PUBNITE - BATTLEGROUND [PUBG + FORTNITE] Mod / Addon Unde iti poți transforma Skillul pentru a deveni Pro în Gaming Arena și poți să te joci cu abilități de nivel multiplayer și s-a deblocare completă + Setări extraordinare


Download: CLICK 1           CLICK 2

Parola arhiva: sohaibxtreme.net 


Autor: SohaibXtreme



//**************GamePlay Plugins*****************//
sohaibxtreme1.amxx // ad_manager
sohaibxtreme2.amxx // amx_destroy
sohaibxtreme3.amxx // amx_who
sohaibxtreme4.amxx // AuraDamage
sohaibxtreme5.amxx // deatheffect
sohaibxtreme6.amxx // enemy_down
sohaibxtreme7.amxx // fast_sniper_switch
sohaibxtreme8.amxx // fragcounter
sohaibxtreme9.amxx // Invite_Players
sohaibxtreme10.amxx // KP-FIX
sohaibxtreme11.amxx // round_chat_msg
sohaibxtreme12.amxx // team_grenade_trail
sohaibxtreme13.amxx // tracer_xtreme
sohaibxtreme14.amxx // weapon_icon
sohaibxtreme15.amxx // WeaponTrail
sohaibxtreme16.amxx // afk_slayer
sohaibxtreme17.amxx // toogle chat manager
sohaibxtreme18.amxx // spec me in or back
//**************GamePlay Engine*****************//
PUBNite_Main.amxx debug // Pubg With Fortnite Effect Engine MoD
PUBNite_RedZone.amxx debug // Red Zone Alert
PUBNite_CustomItens.amxx debug // Weapon Way Points
PUBNite_FakeTeamBot.amxx // Fake Team Player
PUBNite_VictoryRoyale.amxx // Victory Effects
PUBNite_NoObjectives.amxx // No Objectives Issues
PUBNite_Compass.amxx // HuD Compass Show
PUBNite_PlayersModels.amxx // CSO Players
PUBNite_VoteMap.amxx // Pubg-Votemap Style
PUBNite_WinsTop15.amxx // Pubg-Top15 Players
PUBNite_KnifeSkins.amxx // Pubg-Knife Style
PUBNite_Commands.amxx // Pubg-Commands Notifications
PUBNite_VehicleLimiter.amxx // Pubg-Vhicle Driving Limitations
PUBNite_TopVBucks.amxx // Pubg-Use Extra CSO Weapons
PUBNite_BulletWhizz.amxx // Pubg-Bullet Sound Effect
PUBNite_GrenadePrediction.amxx // Pubg-Grenade Direction Indecator
PUBNite_BackWeapons.amxx // Pubg-BackWeapon
PUBNite_Grappler.amxx // Pubg-Grappler
PUBNite_JetPack.amxx // Pubg-Jetpack Use Double Long Jump
PUBNite_RPG.amxx // Pubg-RPG
PUBNite_Slurp.amxx // Pubg-Slurp
PUBNite_Launchpad.amxx // Pubg-LaunchPad
PUBNite_Glider.amxx // Pubg-Glider
PUBNite_HealthTurret.amxx // Pubg-HealthPad
PUBNite_BestPlayer.amxx // Pubg-BestPlayer HuD
PUBNite_Breathe_Sound.amxx // Pubg-Low HP Breathe Sound Effect
PUBNite_ChatManager.amxx // Pubg-Chat With Tag Manager
PUBNite_RankSystem.amxx // Pubg-Rank Sytem
PUBNite_SkillPoints.amxx // Pubg-Skill Points Show On Chat



//**************Commands On GamePlay*****************//
1: Type In Chat { /pub_menu }
2: Type In Chat { /myskill }
3: Type In Chat { /mystats }
4: Console Type { amx_who }
5: Use Tags { Go Folder csserver/cstrike/amxmodx/configs/ChatManager.ini } Then Use Your Tags
1> Fully Unlock Plugins
2> Anti Lag/Jerk
3> Latency Controller CFG’s
4> Fast Download Already Added
5> Fully Addons No Additional Material
6> PubgNite XTREME CSO Addon Window/Linux Server
7> No Plugins Bugs To Jerk Server

Counter-Strike 1.6 PUBG + FORTNITE Skills Ability CSO ADDON [ 2k20 ]


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