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Physical Video: How Will 'Greedy Cow' Sheila Explain Stolen Camera to Greta?


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Aerobics enthusiast Sheila needs to exhibit a very different kind of fancy footwork in this exclusive sneak peek from Friday’s episode of Apple TV+’s Physical.

But first, to recap: Weeks ago, when an anxious Greta (played by Dierdre Friel) bailed on her at-home aerobics lesson at the last minute, Sheila (recent TVLine Performer of the Week Rose Byrne) impulsively and privately decided that for her troubles she was “owed” the shiny new video camera kit that was among Greta’s husband Ernie’s many electronic gadgets and gizmos. So with Greta out of the room, Sheila grabbed the silver case and made a mad dash for her car.


In this week’s episode, titled “Let’s Get It on Tape,” Greta has concluded that her would-be friend is the one who stole Ernie’s camera, though it seems that a cleaning lady has actually taken the fall. How does Sheila — who by the way just uncovered one of Ernie’s peculiar peccadilloes — respond when accused of the thievery? Press play above and find out.


Getting called out about the video camera is not the only minefield ahead for Sheila, because at the end of this week’s episode, another one of her big lies comes to light. “It’s a great twist,” Byrne tells TVLine. “I remember reading that episode and thinking, ‘What?! Oh, God.’ Sheila is an antihero, and there have been so many on fictional TV. But despite that, you still want to root for them. [Getting caught] marks a real turning point for her.”


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