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Lizzie Loveless Shares Hazy New Single “Memory”


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Fans only have to wait a little bit longer until the official release of Lizzie Loveless newest solo album You Don’t Know on September 17th. To shorten the wait, Loveless shared her newest single off the album, “Memory.” The song is the fourth release off the upcoming record. “Window,” “Loveless” and “The Joke” offered a first taste of her newest LP.

Loveless was part of the indie-rock band TEEN until the band called it quits in 2019 and went on a short farewell tour.


About her newest track, Loveless says, “Memory asks the question where does love go when it’s been lost? Does it get reabsorbed and hide somewhere in the body?” She continues, “And when the memory of someone begins to fade it’s as if you’re losing that person all over again. It’s about the fear of letting go of a love. It’s about losing track of time and whether you are in love, you’re experiencing loss or somewhere in between.”


Check out her hazy new track and video below:



In the video we see Loveless staring directly into the camera, while being either alone sitting in front of a bathtub, at the dinner table by her self or surrounded by enthusiastic friends. Loveless’ facial impressions remain mostly the same throughout, like she is not really part of the crowd anyway and just in her own private world, gently singing her song and vibing along with it. “Memory” is just that a gentle indie-pop track that leads the listener into a dream-like mindset. With Loveless’ hazy vocals, the songs makes for one perfect indie-pop tune. Lyrics like, “Oh what a painful memory baby /Am I now or in between your love/I never wanted anything/I lost you once I’d do it all again” show the how talented Loveless is when it comes to lyrics and songwriting.




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