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[Sanny Builder] Variables

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Problem description: Hello ! i wanna learn programming in sanny builder but im not able to understand how variables work for exemple when do i put "1@" or "20" etc is there by any chance some1 here can help me with that

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i tried to search in yt, google etc but i cant find or even if i find tutorial its in ro and i cant understand anything

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Variables are of two types, local and global. The local ones end with @, and the global ones start with $. Local variables are limited between 0 and 31@, while global ones have no limitation because you can name them as you wish. The difference between them is that the global ones cannot store strings, but only numbers, while the local ones, if you allocate memory, can also be formatted as strings. The difference between 0,10,21,etc@ is none, but the number must be changed because it must be unique per variable.


For example:

If you assign the value 1 to 0@, and you want another variable with the value 0, then you must use another variable, 1@ for example.

If you assigned the string "SAMP" to 10@, to assign another string you must also use another variable, 20@ for example.


It s not too hard to understand, all you need is practice with code, documentation/explications it s kinda useless in my oppinion.

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