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  1. Name: Kenan.A[ToV] Rank: Special Agent (2) Namecover actions: https://imgur.com/a/djl10LJ Number of namecover actions: x1 Possession / Use Drugs + Confiscate Other specifications?: None
  2. Nume: Kenan.CAPYBARA *Rang: 1 *Dovezi: https://imgur.com/a/7SbS7Oy *Alte specificatii: Half Raport
  3. Real name: Kenan B-Zone Nickname: Kenan.A A member in the community since: 2013 Message for(Lover/partner/parent/colleague/friend/crush.. etc): huge crush Are they a B-Zone member? (Yes/No): no The Message: I only loved once in my life and i am pretty sure it is my first and last love,loving her teached me how to live also made me a loving and optimistic person to life, regardless she didn't had the same feeling for me I won't stop loving her, i will always have hope that she might love me someday,when i look in her eyes i see all my victories,only if i could give her one abilty in this life i would give her the abilty to look in herself in my eyes because only then she would understand how much she is special person to me,it is easier to kill me than seeing her with someone else,in the end i want to tell her thanks for existing in my life because without her i can't complete my life even with the distance between us.
  4. Kenan ToV

    Nume in joc: Kenan.A Contract: https://imgur.com/a/Teorgd5
  5. Kenan ToV

    Nume: Kenan.A Contractul: https://imgur.com/a/RyIGddL
  6. Kenan ToV

    Nume in joc: Kenan.A Contract:https://imgur.com/a/XwyM4af
  7. Kenan ToV

    Nume în joc: Kenan.A Contractul ales: https://imgur.com/a/4gEmnjE
  8. Kenan ToV

    Nume in joc: Kenan.A Contract ales: https://imgur.com/a/hmgNvSS
  9. Kenan ToV

    Nume în joc: Kenan.A Contractul ales:
  10. Kenan ToV

    Nume in joc: Kenan.A Contract ales:
  11. Kenan ToV

    Nume: Kenan.A Contract
  12. Kenan ToV

    Nume: Kenan.A Contract: https://imgur.com/a/wgy87ej
  13. Kenan ToV

    Nume : Kenan.A Contract :
  14. Kenan ToV

    Nume in joc: Kenan.A Contract: https://imgur.com/a/D6ol3RO
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