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Found 30 results

  1. Acesta este primul meu Drift Movie de pe canalul meu, daca va placut nu uitati sa ma sustineti cu un Like si Subscribe!
  2. Air


    Descriere : A chemical weapons catastrophe has wiped out most of mankind and rendered the air un-breathable. The US government hastily built a few makeshift underground bunkers in which a few scientists are kept in cryogenic sleep until the air is no longer toxic. Each of those bunkers is kept up by a couple of maintenance workers who are awoken for two hours every six months in order to perform routine tasks and inspections to keep the facility going. The story begins with two workers of one of such facility, Cartwright (Hounsou) and Bauer (Reedus). They go about their normal list of tasks during one wake cycle. Cartwright has occasional visions of his wife Abby (Holt) and has conversations with her, to Bauer's annoyance. Just as the two hours are almost over, Cartwright's sleeping chamber is destroyed by a fire that was caused by recent seismic activity. The two frantically locate the valve for the emergency air supply, and then try to find a spare chamber for Cartwright to sleep in. The chamber is operational, and Bauer chooses to use it. However, the chamber malfunctions and almost suffocates Bauer until Cartwright finally appears and cuts him free, destroying the chamber in the process. With no other spare chamber in the facility, Bauer insists that they eject a random sleeping person to allow Cartwright to occupy that chamber. Cartwright refuses to send anyone to their death and insists there is another way. He exits the facility in a hazmat suit in an attempt to enter a nearby sister facility, with Bauer on the radio helping him navigate. Cartwright encounters several corpses as he makes his way through air ducts. When he finally enters the facility, he realizes that everybody in it is dead, clearly for a long time already. Although the computer system has reported all facility workers to be alive and well during all the previous wake cycles, it is apparent that this was a ruse to make the workers believe they're not alone in order for them to stay sane. At the same time, Bauer reviews the security footage and realizes that Cartwright was standing next to him the entire time while he almost suffocated in the spare chamber, indicating that Cartwright had tried to kill him and only decided against it in the last minute. As Cartwright returns to their own facility, Bauer confronts him with a gun. A chase through the facility ensues, with Cartwright finally getting the upper hand by sneaking up on Bauer and injecting a large dose of morphine into him. Bauer accepts his fate, and makes peace with Cartwright before passing out. In an epilogue, Cartwright wakes up for another cycle many decades later. The air is breathable again, and the facility's system is automatically waking up all the sleepers who exit their chambers and walk up to the Earth's surface, among them Abby. Parerea mea personala e ca a fost un film bun,bazat pe supravietuire...intr-o lume fara speranta, totul care se baza pe mentalitatea lor! sursa : https://en.wikipedia.org
  3. Titlul clipului: ✪B-Zone - Some Wheelies [speed Movie] Gen: Short Movie Data: 05.08.2016 Scurta prezentare: Some wheelies cum spune si in titlu. Link: ┃
  4. Movie SHOP De acum, serverul movie.b-zone.ro:7777, detine un magazin online propriu care functioneaza similar cu magazinul principal al comunitatii. Magazinul poate fi accesat de aici http://www.movie.b-zone.ro/shopsi cuprinde diferite pachete de monezi de aur (GOLD). Interfata website-ului este simpla pentru a fi pe intelesul tuturor: 1. Pentru a cumpara unul sau mai multe pachete de GOLD, trebuie doar sa accesati pagina http://www.movie.b-zone.ro/shopsi sa selectati pachetul de GOLD dorit. 2. Pentru a vizualiza cosul de cumparaturi, alaturi de toate detaliile necesare, accesati pagina http://www.movie.b-zone.ro/shop/cart.php 3. Pentru a vizualiza metodele de plata disponibile pe website si tutoriale despre cum se efectueaza o plata, accesati http://www.movie.b-zone.ro/shop/methods.php Procesatoarele de plati pe care movie.b-zone.ro le foloseste sunt securizate si nu trimit vreo informatie confidentiala catre site-ul nostru, intrucat plata se efectueaza prin intermediul website-urilor lor si nu al nostru. Toate platile efectuate prin intermediul magazinului nostru, vor fi inregistrate intr-un log, in contul vostru: http://www.movie.b-zone.ro/myaccount/shop-orders.php. Tabelul din aceasta pagina va cuprinde atat tranzactiile efectuate cu succes, cat si cele care au esuat din diverse motive (Exemplu: o eroare de server). Cantitatea de GOLD cumparata din magazin, va fi livrata instantaneu in contul vostru din joc si nu este necesar sa va re-conectati la server. Monezile de aur (GOLD-ul) pot fi folosite pentru a achizitiona diverse produse virtuale, folosind comanda /shop pe server. Pentru probleme in timpul unei tranzactii sau pentru a solicita lamuriri, sunteti rugati sa trimiteti un PM: http://forum.b-zone.ro/user/58424-adi007/ Despre produsele achizitionabile folosind GOLD: Filmatul pe serverul movie.b-zone.ro (/worlds > "Movie Set") va ramane intotdeauna gratuit si nu se vor percepe niciodata costuri/taxe. Cu toate acestea, ocazional vor fi introduse diverse lucruri noi (care nu au legatura cu filmatul pe server) care pot sa necesite GOLD pentru a fi accesate. Conform ultimului update (Version 8.3) deja exista produse achizitionabile folosind GOLD (/shop).
  5. Halloween 2015 Dragi jucători, dorim să vă anunțăm că în perioada 30.10.2015 - 10.11.2015, serverul nostru va fi decorat corespunzător halloween-ului. În timpul jocului, la un anumit interval de timp vor fi spawnate caractere spânzurate sângerând. De asemenea, v-am pregătit o costumație specială pe care o puteți accesa tastând comanda /halloween. Cu această ocazie, au fost introduse trei insule în jurul orașelor Los Santos si San Fierro, conectate între ele prin autostrăzi. Pentru a ajunge mai rapid la intrarea către autostradă, se va putea folosi comanda /islands. Cele trei insule vor ramane permanent implementate pentru a oferi regizorilor prilejul de a filma și în alte locații față de harta normală a jocului. Actual, fiind nou adăugate, insulele vor servi drept gazdă pentru halloween în perioada 30.10.2015 - 10.11.2015, în apropierea acestora serverul setând automat o vreme încețoșată și o melodie de groază în fundal. English
  6. Hello B-Zone once again! we have made another clip, and this look ALOT ALOT of effort! Introductions: this is a comedy based movie describing what an SFSI instructor has to got through his time, this features 5 instructors giving 5 licenses to 5 different people at 5 different locations. The video is edited by adding subtitles and meme faces. Just like always, these are only for comedy purposes and should NOT be taken seriously. Bad words are censored. And yes keep an eye on the status on top right to make sure you understand the video properly. Enjoy and give a nice review so we can make more and give us a thumbs up! ya i know its a bit AWKWARD because i lost my photoshop now available in full quality 1080p 60FPS
  7. Buna BeZone Today we released another small comedy clip of Escaping A Jail in the server and how its like to do it so. It took 2 hard days to completed this project 1 for shooting and one for editing Thanks everyone who were in the movie or helped from outside! Also Thanks To: Slaash Hon Zaack Sidelo Crips Special Thanks To B-Zone Movie Server and B-Zone Community movie.b-zone.ro
  8. CrappyZaack

    #Selfie Thanks to Lucy Productions Credits: Dra[Y]con Sidelo Zaac[K] More Movies Coming Soon!
  9. xVendetta

    Titlul clipului:Revenge - San Andreas Movie Gen:Actiune Data:5/9/2015 Scurta prezentare:Dupa ce Desmond Miles Jack isi pierde toti banii la barbut,ajunge pe strada plin de datorii.Singura metoda fiind jefuirea bancii.Urmareste tot filmul pentru a vedea continuarea. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55-qsA-RwZc
  10. Titlul clipului: The Assassin Kid - Final Gen: Actiune / Comedie Data: 31.01.2015 Scurta prezentare: Continuarea ... Link:
  11. Titlul clipului: Assassin Kid - Revenirea II Gen: Acțiune / Comedie Data: 21/01/2015 Scurta prezentare: Adrian revine cu noi crime, iar lucrurile se mai schimba putin. Link:
  12. Carn

    Director: Amit Ravindernath Sharma Producer: Boney Kapoor Sunil Lulla Sanjay Kapoor Sunil Manchanda Naresh Aggarwal Production Co: Sanjay Kapoor Entertainment Eros International Cast: Arjun Kapoor Sonakshi Sinha Manoj Bajpai Rajesh Sharma Shruti Haasan Himanshu Singh Kader Khan Genre: Action Drama Movie Duration: 2 hours 39 minutes Description: A corrupt politician gets infatuated with a morally upright student and will go to any lengths to marry her. But she spurns his advances and seeks shelter with a boy her age. Personal opinion: Tevar never really manages to rise above its so-stale-it-smells formula. Bajpayee gives a threatening and towering performance, but he cannot make up for the mediocre music, run-of-the-mill action and a particularly poor last half hour. Images: Trailer: Source
  13. Carn

    Director: Rajkumar Hirani Producer: Rajkumar Hirani Vidhu Vinod Chopra Production Co: Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions Rajkumar Hirani Films UTV Motion Pictures Cast: Aamir Khan Anushka Sharma Sushant Singh Rajput Saurabh Shukla Sanjay Dutt Boman Irani Genre: Drama Comedy Movie Duration: 2 hours 33 minutes Description: An alien lands on earth but loses his remote to go home. Does 'PK' return - and as he navigates the human world, what does he gain and lose? Personal opinion: It is a film that has the Hirani stamp all over it - an entertainer with a message. And of course it too has tremendous repeat value. And yet, PK is not Hirani's best! Images: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82ZEDGPCkT8 Source
  14. Skyntei

    Titlul clipului: Various Actions. Gen: Acțiune. Data: 23/12/2014 Scurta prezentare: Un filmuleț realizat cu prietenii. După o pauză de 8 luni de zile m-am gândit să revin cu ceva simplu, frumos, cât de cât... Link: * Sunt câteva scene la care am exagerat (cred) cu niște efecte, dar mergem înainte. ** Câteva scene au fost modificate într-un mod 'demo' pentru a nu primi eroare în Sony Vegas...
  15. Director: Krishna D.K. Raj Nidimoru Producer: Saif Ali Khan Production Co: Eros International Illuminati Films Cast: Saif Ali Khan Ileana D'Cruz Kalki Koechlin Govinda Description: Yudi loves girls but hates commitment - what happens when he meets commitment-averse Aanchal? How does Yudi complete this tale? Personal opinion: Cocktail of Bachne Ae Haseeno and Love Aaj Kal and some more, Happy Ending is an average rom-com from directors who are expected to deliver better. Images: Trailer: Source
  16. Carn

    Director: Shaad Ali Producer: Aditya Chopra Production Co: Yash Raj Films Cast: Govinda Ranveer Singh Parineeti Chopra Ali Zafar Genre: Action Movie Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes Description: A contract killer wants to reform for love; but wait, will the ones who order him to kill, allow him to listen to his dil? With mafia killings being a regular feature of the Indian city underbelly, the trigger-happy twosome goes about their work without remorse. Personal opinion: Out of exasperation I made a call to one of my close friends. Well, I did expect the film to be reasonable if not good. The film has Govinda, one of my all time favourite. Alas! Images: Trailer: Source
  17. Director: Wes Ball Production Co: 20th Century Fox Gotham Group Cast: Dylan O'Brien Aml Ameen Thomas Brodie-Sangster Will Poulter Kaya Scodelario Blake Cooper Ki Hong Lee Genre: Mystery Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes Description: After erasing his memory, Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) is mysteriously deposited to the Glade - a grassy field, surrounded by high walls of a gigantic maze, where a few other boys have been trapped too. Can the group escape the deadly maze? Personal opinion: It has enough of a brain and quite a few twists to keep you involved till the end. Watch it for some unexpected thrills. Images: Trailer: Source
  18. Director: Vic Armstrong Producers: Michael Walker Ed Clydesdale Paul LaLonde Cast: Nicolas Cage Lea Thompson Nicky Whelan Chad Michael Murray Cassi Thomson Jordin Sparks Martin Klebba Genre: Thriller Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes Description: Without any prior indication, the Rapture (an event referred to in the Bible) occurs and most of the planet's population simply disappears. Of the people left behind are also some passengers in a commercial airplane on a flight. Not only do they have to make sense of what has happened, landing the crippled plane is also a concern. Personal opinion: A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction. Images: Trailer: Source
  19. Director: Scott Derrickson Producer: Paul Harris Boardman Jerry Bruckheimer Cast: Eric Bana Édgar Ramírez Olivia Munn Sean Harris Joel McHale Genre: Horror Duration: 1 hour 58 minutes Description: Two police officers from the Bronx, Sarchie (Bana) along with his partner Butler (McHale), investigate the latest in a series of gruesome incidents. Despite being witness to the worst that humanity has to offer in terms of crime, they realize that this particular case has some seriously sinister undertones. Personal opinion: Senseless story, uninspired acting and lack of any scares whatsoever make this film another entry in the long list of failed horror movies. Images: Trailer: Source
  20. Carn

    Director: Vishal Bhardwaj Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapur Vishal Bhardwaj Production Co: UTV Motion Pictures Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures Pvt Ltd Cast: Shahid Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor Kay Kay Menon Irrfan Khan Tabu Genre: Drama Cinematic Duration: 2 hours 41 minutes Description: Haider's uncle kills his father and marries his mother. Can Haider resolve his dilemma - to be or not to be revengeful Personal opinion: If this doesn't interest you, you might want to look elsewhere for a "Bang" for your buck. On the other hand, if this is your kind of cinema, you won't find a better way to spend 3 hours of your life. Images: Trailer: Source
  21. Carn

    Director: Siddharth Anand Producer: Prashant Shah Production Co: Fox Star Studios Cast: Hrithik Roshan Katrina Kaif Ron Smoorenburg Jawed El Berni Danny Denzongpa Javed Jafrey Pavan Malhotra Genre: Action Romance Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes Description: After 150 years, an Indian robs the Kohinoor diamond. And thus begins the cat-and-mouse game as the international mob and the Indian Secret Service (ISS) officials hunt him down. Personal opinion: Bang Bang is an amalgam of exotic locations, power-packed action and good looking actors. If that's enough good for you, if you are still looking for the story hit the next screen and watch Haider. Images: Trailer: Source
  22. keSSa

    Titlul clipului: 007-Mission 1 Gen: Action Data: 24/06/14 Scurta prezentare: In this Mission, the well-known James Bond must to kill an old enemy, who is in a fake prison in LS, so the prison has fake cops. Then, James, will get in some troubles... (there will be continued...) Link: *This is my first GTA movie, +1 if you liked it!
  23. Titlul clipului : The Chase (Part Two) Gen : Actiune Data : 27.08.2013 Scurta prezentare : Continuarea de la Part One Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q0uKDngzvo&feature=youtu.be
  24. Titlul clipului: Movie Server Presentation Gen: Prezentare Data: 22 august 2013 Scurta prezentare: Acest clip este o simpla lucrare care prezinta serverul de film al comunitatii. Link: „1080p is the best, chief!”
  25. Titlul clipului : The Chase (Part One) Gen : Actiune Data : 21.08.2013 Scurta prezentare : Unul dintre baietii rai incearca sa fure o masina in timp ce proprietarul serverste masa , dar este prins..... Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0UB2TtKTgc

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