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Found 9 results

  1. Bobo

    Aici veti fi anuntati atunci cand serverul este inchis si cat timp va dura rezolvarea respectivei probleme. Here you will be notified when the server is closed and how long will take to solve that problem.
  2. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    Hi everyone, first of all, I know that teleport should not be used to any of B-Zone's servers,but the reason I ask for your help is because I need it for other free roam servers, which do not have such a big forum for questions and problems. Therefore, here's my problem: I can't find a good source to download "teleport to marker" file, and also, I'm not sure if the cleo that I have is correct. Every time I try I get crash. Does anyone have a good source to download teleport to marker, and cleo as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. Divyanshu

    Hello please help me i got this error! it's when i go with Windows Key to Chrome or others apps .. but when i back i see this colored things before the samp pause screen load! please is it bad for the graphic card? or my graphic card is damaged? what's the error and how to fix it please? thank u and please help. Photo 1: http://i.imgur.com/epAgm2K.jpg Photo 2: http://i.imgur.com/2rd1Tvj.jpg Video:
  4. KaLai

    most of us maybe have the problem.. team viewer 11 asks about a key :/ can please anyone have crack or something to do?
  5. Am si eu o problema, nu cred ca e de bine. http://i.imgur.com/Vnkweu7.jpg Iar la ultimul torrent am o eroare read from disk http://i.imgur.com/kCP4zVa.jpg Face misto de mine sau "imi crapa hardul" peste 13 zile?
  6. KaLai

    Hello Guys How Are You Today? I installed new fonts today ( Anndi's Font ) and i got a problem when i join game you can see the exclamation point near my ceas time Here is a photo: http://imgur.com/n27bH38 P.s: it's not only near the ceas time one. if my friends join it's tell (Exlamation Point) has just logged in) thank's for all +1 for who help me
  7. Nume: Sergiu Ce problema ai?: Nu pot să instalez sa:mp-ul . O scurta descriere a situatiei: Când rulez installer-ul de la sa:mp și ajung la etapa unde trebuie selectata locația , butonul Install nu poate fi selectat . GTA San Andreas pe modul single player funcționează . Screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/9q2ntblev/ Alte precizari: Nu îmi spuneți că windows-ul e problema că azi l-am schimbat din cauza erorilor de la win7

    Hello dear members. I post here because I have a question,something important regarding the screenshots I take. I am in medics,and I do my activity report. Sometimes,my screenshots appear to be cut,like this http://prntscr.com/62n3jr. I wanted to ask why this happens,so I can stop it. It gets fixed when I relog,but it's the 2nd time it happens today. PS: I want serious replies,and not +1 posts type of ''I had the same problem too'' or ''Use bandicam/fraps''. My problem is not that I cannot take a screenshot.
  9. Hello!!!! @@Bobo i Need help i want to ask that RPg-2 server is not running at me from yesterday morning to till now ..... is that problem only at me or all of u guys .... there is port problem or server is down from yesterday .,....?
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