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  1. Hello my FBI members, i want to tell you somethings... I know that i left you, that's not fair, part of family never do that Okay that's a game, we decide ourselfs, we are not childs. Like in real life. I want to tell you that i am bored because i left FBI, in best moment i left you because i want to enter in Hitman Agency, That's my dream in game, but i hope that one time i will back in FBI, not soon but maybe one time... I meet a lot good friends there, a lot FBI members really helped me to enter in ToV. In FBI i saw discipline in 90 procent of members, good working, team working and most important thing that's friendship. After your nickname bottom, i will write some words, don't be angry if i didn't write about you a lot or something what you wanted to hear :). Miss you ma brothers. Director Trebor.[ToV] - Good person with big heart, guy who want to listen what you talk, who protect and save his members. Big respect for you. Assistant Director (6) Hawkeye[ToV] - Also for you i can say that you're an good man good person with good behavior, respect. CsT[ToV] - Newbie ma bro kiss Section Chief (5) Beebita[ToV] - What to say for you... You're an big nab (positive things). Know rules good player, my last /confiscate Ripper[ToV] - Contra hehe good boy Carrey. - One of my best friends on server, good person, want to help want to explain, want to have fun. Miss you bro ribe - When i come in FBI you helped me a lot, thanks ribe. hassen - Your nickname hear like you're from Germany, joke, see you bro. Special Agent in Charge (4) mezen.salaawi[ToV] - You're nub, my good friend ! Thanks god we are on /c, and i'll stay in communication with you, also if i enter in h.a i will kill just you. kiss [uS]Flep - We enter in same moment in fbi, you, audi, biaa and me. GOod luck bro HancKs - Good luck bro Biaaa.[S4F] - Good luck biaa you're good person. Supervisory Special Agent (3) Federal - Federal and your namecover acvtivity raport Good luck bro [uS]Ciprian.Cipri - cipri good luck JohnMeister.[ToV] - Ah, old gangster, i will remember that words what i told you, "you'll be acceoted see you in FBI" [RW]Salman.. - SalNub i tested you, don't shame me, take r5 minimal! [AIM]VISA - I don't like your behavior for girl... I hope you'll be better [TFG]AdelaV. - Good girl C.George - Hm, i am not sure that we had a lot of communication good luck bro [AIM]Scooby69 - scooby doo and englad way See ya bro Lt.Cazan - You are ma bro, helped me a lot, you know for what, i will remember everything! SOLDIER ! SIR YES SIR low]Euphoric - Euphoric good luck Blade - i watched movie Blade a lot years ago, was good movie GOod luck bro G.UniT[ToV] - Wish you good luck g.unit and your negativ votes see ya bro on /c Special Agent (2) [AIM]Lyce. - See you! Lucifer[VIP] - Lucifer take rank 5 minimal see ya [RW]ShubhaM.. - You're big nab ma bro Gabryel2k - Rank down, don't get r1 again [420]CristiXTR - See you [FBI]dLs_TeQuila - Bye vodka Professional Staff (1) Members Donator[END] - we had not a lot important things with all r1, good luck bro Alin47[VODA] - good luck Calinnn.[END] - see you Bukovski[KING] - you were tested by me, good luck ! YOUR FRIEND Dejan88 Section Chief (5)
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