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  1. nWo Mushroom

    chillin , wat about u
  2. nWo Mushroom

    🤦‍♂️ It was such a good period,
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  4. tss

    1. DanDilo BTD

      DanDilo BTD


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    it's okay , +1 from me.
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  9. nWo Mushroom

    Yea I like it +1.
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    xD , I like it , +1 from me.
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  12. nWo Mushroom

    on ma dead body
  13. nWo Mushroom

    Perfect , nice update.
  14. nWo Mushroom

    Nick: Mushroom Level: 76 Age (real): 19 Gender(real): Masculine. How old are you on the server?: 2016 I've passed 2 years and a half Link to your profile : https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/players/general/Mushroom The reason you want to become a Mayor: I would like to get mayor for the first time. , I'll do more creative events and ideas than before. We will introduce the use of credits in my events (Which I will explain later), more variations of existing events and of course keeping the traditional things. We will enforce more newbies to join and make the server a better place. Secondly, I have my Empire, Friends, to back me up with all kinds of events. Providing efficient Staff, fully combat trained for any problem that can arise offering a smooth and peaceful way to all events.Experience as a Mayor has been proven by the amount of followers I have gathered. I provide fast, quick and fun events for everyone. Each event is carefully planned and recorded with high quality devices to ensure no cheating takes place. What I intend to do for other players.: To make a peaceful server come to life with a different array of events. Hopefully succeed the 800/1000 milestone everyday and generally provide a beautiful gaming experience everyone deserves. I'll make lots of Events like : Duels, Simon spune, Par/Impar, LMS, LCS, First to /w, First to G, Guess X, SMS Extreme , Some of my special Events like PUBG / CS / Skydive and more cool things. I'll put the Tax to 1 so newbies do not find difficulties and so on. Huge events etc.. #PEACE
  15. nWo Mushroom

    Hahah yeah really , +1.

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