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  1. Membrii clanului new World order trebuie sa respecte regulamentul de mai jos.↘ Nu acceptam glumele de prost gust, certurile, limbajul vulgar pe chatul clanului.↘ Inactivitatea neanuntata mai mare de 3 zile este sanctionata cu demitere.↘ Cine da [/clanresign] nu va mai fi primit in acest clan.↘ Nu aveti voie sa aplicati intr-un clan NEOFICIAL daca faceti parte din acest clan!↘ Certurile sunt interzise intre membrii clanului.↘ Tag-ul [nWo] pe forum nu este obligatoriu.↘ Ce se discuta pe [/c] ramane pe [/c]↘ Toti membrii trebuie sa respecte Regulamentul Serverului.↘ Cine nu are minim 15-20 de ore acumulate in 1 lunia este demis Members from the new World order clan must follow these rules :↘ We do not accept edgy jokes, insults , or arguments on /c.↘ Inactivity unannounced for more than 3 days will be punished with a kick.↘ Who does [/clanresign] cannot join again.↘ You cannot apply in an other clan if you are already in new World order↘ Conflicts are forbidden between Clan members↘ The [nWo] clan tag is not obligatory on forums↘ What we talk on [/c] remains on [/c]↘ All members need to follow the Server rules↘ Who has lower than 15 to 20 hours played in 1 month will be kicked
  2. Information about the new World order[nWo] : This clan is the second clan created on B-Zone history. It was created back in 2011 on RPG1 and kept on living till it died. This is the revival of the [nWo] clan ! Purpose of this Topic : On this topic we will be discussing the Important announcements of the clan .
  3. Aici puteți găsi legendele clanul new World order[nWo] RPG2. Respect și mult succes în continuare celor care au contribuit la modernizarea și dezvoltarea clanului. Lideri: Mushroom _____ ealocin _____ Memberi: _______________________________________________ Cauti member pe : Aici __________________________
  4. nWo Mushroom

    It's not just me and you, It's 20 more admins waiting too. Especially admin 1s . This will go so badly and tons of admins will resign. I've seen this before when we accepted 30 helpers on rpg 2 i couldn't make 30 points a day on /n ! 30 POINTS ! I'll be silent for the rest of this, i asked the players on rpg 2 and i got a spam of " nu " on my SMS I guess the staff won't be " Welcomed " as you think you'll Im' not saying that i m not welcoming you because we are both from the same country, u are the only one i'm glad to have near me in RPG especially when you are an english player but trust me you 'll get tons of hate like i do everyday so don't be naive and resign, This is rpg 2 not rpg 4 . aight cheers have fun ! i'll be waiting u
  5. nWo Mushroom

    10 admins lvl 2 ? 11 admins lvl 1? - you know this will affcet the promotions no ? instead of getting adm 2 in 2 months you get it in 4 Well let me tell you , The server will never reach 800 players and i bet 100 dt rn.
  6. nWo Mushroom

    Don't interfere , we are not fighting we are talking
  7. nWo Mushroom

    You don't know @A u r a s do you ?
  8. nWo Mushroom

    3 months of hell. 3 months of annoyance. 3 months = 3 statistics , 3 statistics = 3 aws , 3 adm warns = by by admin. The problem is that you don't know how our staff works. It's freaking hell. if you don't ban more than 5 aim you automtically get admin warn . Good luck banning them with 16312 admins online everyday
  9. nWo Mushroom

    You know, i m not against anyone of you and you know i love you. BUT, love aside. We are in competitive area. We work here! The new staff will make it harder, Which is normally for me to stand against this. i can't just agree on having multiple admins annoying me on my field( RPG2 ). I won't accept more than 1 to 5 admins joining the server. Not a whole staff coming to ruin my experience and making me nervous about getting promoted "When the number of players increase cheaters will increase" RPG 4 didn't reach 200 players, what players are you talking about?
  10. nWo Mushroom

    Are you damn serious ? putting 16 admins level 1 and 12 admins level 2 and asking us to complete our activity as admins. Are you insane ? do you know how hard it became to ban players for aimbot or even normal bans like fly / troll and stuff especially on RPG 2 I 'm not really intro merging the servers while keeping the functions because the only one who's gonna be demolished is the staff of the RPG 2 and RPG 1 . They knew a day will come when RPG 3 and RPG 4 will die eventually but they still picked the easiest way possible to get admin. This is not our fault,so don't make us pay for it. About helpers. Do you remember when our staff used to accept 23 helpers at once ? Was that even necessary ? i couldn't even reach 1.000 points at that time with that ton of players waiting . I mean you should have predicted that opening 4 servers in a dead game will go back badly on the community. Even the RPG 2 staff isn't okay with this since it will affect our work as well it will make much more harder than it was and trust me it was hard enough @Kelton
  11. nWo Mushroom

    Nice , perfect +1.
  12. nWo Mushroom

    I like it +1 good.
  13. nWo Mushroom

    u're gonna die trust me,
  14. nWo Mushroom

    don't scare me like dat

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