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  1. nWo Mushroom

    or you can contact forum administrators directly via pms
  2. nWo Mushroom

    I decided to make some suggestions about how could the " fishing system" improves and what's the solutions possible for this kind of problem so i came up with this : " Removing /sellfishes and replacing it with "/cook" which is used on Faction Hqs/Clan Hqs or Houses " and i developed it more to suit the community . The main idea is re-working the " fishing system" and making it more useful than it was . Well , This idea is taken from minecraft / World of Warcraft and it has many benefits especially for peaceful factions . Once you "/cook" your fishes that you caught. You'll be able to "/getfood" or "/gf" to heal yourself whenever you want and wherever you want . Well , this idea seems familiar ! Yes , it's the "/usedrugs" same function that's why i mentioned that it's cool for peaceful factions . Peaceful factions do not have the right to use drugs and if this rule is broke you will get a direct FW which is not good . This system must have a skill bar like the other jobs ( Drugs / Arms / Trucker...) , Once you "/cook", a 1+ will be added on your job skill [ /skills] . The ranking will be as the following structure : Skill 1 - cooker : 0/60 - You will gain 15% Health points when you "/gf" Skill 2 - rookie cooker : 0/120 - You will gain 30 % Health points when you "/gf" Skill 3 - Experienced cooker : 0/240- You will gain 45% Health points when you "/gf" Skill 4 - Master cooker : 0/480 - You will gain 65 % Health points when you "/gf". Skill 5 - Veteran cooker : 0/500 - You will gain 80 % Health points when you " /gf" . P.S : Feel free to modify. -/fish before the re-work : Most of the players don't want to take the fishing license anymore which makes the instructors job more harder. /fish is rarely used by players because of the earnings which is not good. A waste of time. Too old and it needs to get a re-work - /fish after the re-work : All Peaceful factions / gangs will try it because it's more easier than having wanted while working as a drug dealer Every single player will be obliged to get the Fishing license before they /fish and this will make the instructors work more and the fishing license itself won't be a waste of time anymore .( Can be added to achievements too)
  3. nWo Mushroom

  4. nWo Mushroom

    Hope you enjoy your weekend guys.
  5. nWo Mushroom

    Much more practical, thanks.
  6. nWo Mushroom

    I really like them , +1 from me.
  7. nWo Mushroom

    You can open a ticket topic and ask there , maybe you will find the answer.
  8. nWo Mushroom

  9. nWo Mushroom

    I like it +1 from me.
  10. nWo Mushroom

    I like it +1 from me.
  11. nWo Mushroom

    Nice one , +1 from Mushroom.
  12. nWo Mushroom

    Yea , I like it +1 from me.
  13. nWo Mushroom

    A blonde in Las Vegas goes up to the Coke machine, puts in a dollar, and gets a Coke. She puts in another dollar and gets another Coke. She puts in another dollar and gets another Coke. She puts in another dollar and gets another Coke. Finally, the man behind her says, “Hey, lady. Do you think I could use the machine?” She replies, “Fuck off! Can’t you see I’m winning?”
  14. nWo Mushroom

  15. nWo Mushroom

    Nice I like it +1.

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