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  1. nWo Mushroom

    @Deeleey, This is not the right topic to post on. Consider using forum.b-zone.ro/support . You can create a topic in there and admins will help you. Thanks!
  2. nWo Mushroom

    y'all never actually thank the legend himself @F4L KillerFish. thank you!
  3. Nick: mushroom Rank: rank 3 What can you not attend this week?: Activity Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 15/01/2021 Reason: Working on an update for bzone and it will take most of the time and I might not attend the activity to finish it in time Anything else? thanks
  4. nWo Mushroom

    @EXTRATERESTRU, Thank you for providing the proofs. It worked fine for me on The Test server. I don't know what's causing this,
  5. nWo Mushroom

    @EXTRATERESTRU , I still don't get your point. Your proofs are not valid, You literally re-enabled the chat then he started talking. I'm sorry if you felt offended but I've been giving facts nothing else,
  6. nWo Mushroom

    nu e bn
  7. nWo Mushroom

    @Markus, I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug. I mean why would they introduce 2 types of commands which can cancel a checkpoint [ /killcp // /cancel find ]. I believe and if I m not mistaken [/killcp] was introduced for canceling any type of checkpoint within the game such as locating your vehicle/ locating your house / locating a random Business/House/locating "famous places". However, the [/cancel find ] CMD was invented to do one job only which is the Detective job. Although, players do not use that command often because they can directly switch using /find. I don't think this is a bug my friend.
  8. Congrats Mr. Mapper in charge. :*

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    2. Lieutenant.PD


      Invata romana :* crezi ca esti smecher ca ai o functie pe un joc pixelat? =))  kiddo, stfu

    3. R e l u

      R e l u

      Yes yes no no 

    4. Madalin



  9. nWo Mushroom

    @Diptanshu, In response to your thread, The server doesn't save everything in real-time/instantly. This method is used to reduce the exchange of information between the host and the server(not RPG). Further explanation: The /park command PROBABLY resets all criteria changed within a specific period of time. E.g: If you change something in your car and you don't wait a period of time for the server to update what you changed and you directly rest(/park). It's only logical for the server to reset all criteria already set as default/before(which in your case was the dollar wheel). You can even see this when you destroy your car to a certain point where if you /park the server automatically detects the HP of the car and gives an error.
  10. nWo Mushroom

    @GroWy, Please update your proofs for us to see and analyze. Thank you!
  11. nWo Mushroom

    @TLG Cristinel, Considering your thread. I recall this happening on the first days the /switchjobs system was implemented. The explanation for this is very easy. I've analyzed your proofs and I came up with one explanation. You only had 1 job at that time. I know it sounds weird. You were in paramedics at the time this " bug " appeared so basically the Mechanic job should be automatically set when you /switchjobs. However, when you used this Command the server said " You already have this job". The sever was referring to the mechanic job which you already had. In conclusion, You had only 1 job at that time. My question is, did you ever do a job from the date the /switchjobs system was implemented? Do you have any proof that you did /getjob for the detective job? Did this happen more than once?
  12. nWo Mushroom

    Hello! Considering your thread. I've taken the time to test this myself on the Test server. Your claims are completely false. Here are some pictures as evidence. I've created a clan on the Test Server and added a friend and tried reproducing this bug you claiming it exists. Here is a picture where I [/ctalkpower 2]: Here is a picture after waiting for 3-10 mins as you said : Please provide proof so I can think about an explanation of the bug you claiming you have found.

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