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  1. Gg Pentru La Rank 5 LV:PD (Captain)

  2. HancKs NoMercY

    Do a training like the Departments thats will be a good thing
  3. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello khalsa i have a question why we don't be the first peaceful do the training??
  4. HancKs NoMercY

    nice update guys
  5. HancKs NoMercY

    Nice Job Mentosan
  6. Nick: Rekkless. Rank: 1 From what are you missing(meeting/training/activities/war): War Date: 02/08/17 Reason: i have work i can't be active at war Number of requests from this week: 1/4 Other specifications: -
  7. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello Guys
  8. HancKs NoMercY

    hahahahaha kids
  9. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello guys
  10. Nick: VoLKanORank: 2I covenant to: WarReason: i'm not at homeOther specifications: nothing
  11. HancKs NoMercY

    Nick: VoLKanORank: 2Amount: 10,000$Reason: i didn't make -10 scoore leader told me thatScreenshot: http://imgur.com/a/9F86jOther specifications: Nothing
  12. HancKs NoMercY

  13. HancKs NoMercY

    Ok nice
  14. Nick: VoLKanORank: 2I covenant to: WarReason: i can' participing at war because i have bad connectionOther specifications: nothing

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