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  1. Gg Pentru La Rank 5 LV:PD (Captain)

  2. HancKs NoMercY

    Do a training like the Departments thats will be a good thing
  3. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello khalsa i have a question why we don't be the first peaceful do the training??
  4. HancKs NoMercY

    yes i know we are the TOTTALY FUCKED UP, but,.. HG is better then, [WATF] is for kids they said like WTF
  5. HancKs NoMercY

    @WATF S p L i F F change the name of clan [HG], is better then [WATF] [WATF] is for kids, and we are a hooligans not copile's , Sorry for something, xD and the gold has been solded
  6. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello Guys
  7. HancKs NoMercY

    nice update guys
  8. HancKs NoMercY

    oh ok SpliFF, So, after this mounth you will get mayor ? could you like that ?
  9. HancKs NoMercY

    @WATF S p L i F F i did a new topic of discussion
  10. HancKs NoMercY

    Ce faci Rasvax ?
  11. HancKs NoMercY

    Nice Job Mentosan
  12. Nick: Rekkless. Rank: 1 From what are you missing(meeting/training/activities/war): War Date: 02/08/17 Reason: i have work i can't be active at war Number of requests from this week: 1/4 Other specifications: -
  13. HancKs NoMercY

    Vote S p L i FF MAYOR
  14. HancKs NoMercY

    Hello Guys

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