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Black Week începe curând. Detalii aici

60% reducere pentru pachetele de 4e si 1e - 300 utilizari - COD: BFRPG60
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40% reducere pentru pachetele de 50e - 40 utilizari - COD: BFRPG40
30% reducere pentru pachetele de 40e si 30e - 60 utilizari - COD: BFRPG30
25% reducere pentru pachetele de 20e, 15e si 10e - 100 utilizari - COD: BFRPG25
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Recrutăm designeri audio și video. Aplicați aici


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  1. * Name: BloodLINE.TALIBAN * Rank: 5 * RPG bar (small): * Why do you want this feature ?: i am English player so it will be more easy for English candidates to understand what we ask them in test, some of my friends told me when they gave test to different factions they complaint that tester uses google translate so its hard to understand. * Do you have knowledge of English ?: yes * Do you think you can help us with the candidates ?: yes, i can especially with English candidates. * Have you ever held this position ?: yes, not in SFPD but in SFSI and LVPD. * If yes, did you receive any sanctions in connection with the tests ?: No. * Other specifications: i hope i will get positive response.
  2. *Nick: BloodLINE.TALIBAN * Rank: 5 * Echipa: Swat/Roads (Both) * Invoire [sedinta / antrenament / activitate]: activitate * Data/Ora: 07.11.2020 ora 14:00 * Lipsesc din motivul: i cant login in this activity time i will be busy. * Alte precizari?: Thanks
  3. • your Nickname: BloodLINE.TALIBAN • Level: 136 • Your Rank: (5) • The Nickname and the level of the claimed: GianniVersace - Level 27. • RPG2 bar (MIC) of the claimed: • Reason: Vulgar Language. • A brief description of the situation: we had vehicles collision and his vehicle was destroyed, then he abuz me on /sms. • Proof (Screenshot/Video): https://imgur.com/a/NoPB5dL
  4. BloodLINE

    Discord ID: BloodLINE#4632 Rank(s) wanted: Department Member RPG profile link: https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/players/general/BloodLINE.TALIBAN The rank bar from RPG profile:
  5. • your Nickname: BloodLINE.TALIBAN • Level: 123 • Your Rank: 5 • The Nickname and the level of the claimed: DeadsetM4LaLow : 28 • RPG2 bar (MIC) of the claimed: • Reason: Vulgar Language • A brief description of the situation: i killed him when he was no-drept and start abuzing me on /sms • Proof (Screenshot/Video): https://imgur.com/a/AovSKuz
  6. • your Nickname: BloodLINE.TALIBAN • Level: 122 • Your Rank: 5 • The Nickname and the level of the claimed: WaZy.CAMATARU / 36 • RPG2 bar (MIC) of the claimed: • Reason: Language • A brief description of the situation: he was wanted i /ms him he enter inside City LS and /q then he relog and insult me on /sms • Proof (Screenshot/Video): https://imgur.com/a/7YqG2lU
  7. BloodLINE

  8. BloodLINE

    @Sakura. if you want any improvement, i am always available for my sora with name flash
  9. * Nickname: BloodLINE.TALIBAN * Rank: 5 * Team: (SWAT) * Leaving [Meeting / Training / Activity]: Meeting * Date/hour: 02/08/2020, 15:00. * I will be gone because: hello, we have EID on meeting day, so i will be busy in celebrating EID. * Other specifications?: Thanks
  10. BloodLINE

    one of easiest my favorite quest
  11. Congrats to you and the ak bro :)

    1. BloodLINE
    2. BloodLINE


      AK is AK  bro xD

    3. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      Oh yeahh, good for everything in your case :))

  12. Can you lend me that AK-47? I'll use it for my birthday instead of fireworks. 😀

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    2. BloodLINE


      sure  i will wait xD

    3. Dark Night

      Dark Night

      Zeldris the terorist :))

    4. Saitama



  13. BloodLINE

    Real name: Umair Game name (website link): www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/players/general/BloodLINE.TALIBAN age: 24 A short description of you: I didn't copy paste my name i am real TALIBAN. "Best Friend Worst Enemy" Picture link:
  14. Nick: FuRy.TALIBAN Rank: 3 Name-cover activitiy: Wanted for drug possession. Actions performed during the week: 22.6.2020 - 28.06.2020 Proof: 1) https://imgur.com/a/ApuTpaO  2) https://imgur.com/a/qOCetee  Other assignations: Good Luck!

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