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Happy Valentine's Day to all! Mai multe detalii aici


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  1. there will be quest update on valentine day?
  2. BloodLINE

    @Adi007 bro i relog and no siren http://youtube.com/video/2ZQG7J6eFjg
  3. BloodLINE

    ok thanks
  4. BloodLINE

    after your comment from last night i log my account and look no siren https://imgur.com/a/T3iedBW the most important i always mention its problem with this car i almost put siren on my 7 other vehicles and they are good
  5. BloodLINE

    i never heard from any cop about this problem and i think problem is with this car and one more thing siren didn't disappear immediately. it's disappear like maybe 30 minutes when server despawn vehicle or maybe after long time.in the morning when i put siren or night sometime i have to relog siren remain and bro test this vehicle after long time like put the sire on vehicle and then relog after some hours when you are free. you can have this vehicle for test i have other vehicle's i will use them meanwhile.
  6. BloodLINE

    i got rank 11 days ago everyday i login and i put siren when i relog its gone all the time
  7. BloodLINE

    i set siren again in the morning and next time at night i relog there was no siren lol i put on 4 other infernus's 1 nrg 1 turismo and on 1 sultan they are good :https://youtu.be/4r8AFMBTcMs
  8. hey bro you ask me to make video if siren make bug again look last night before /q i put siren on inf and today when i log there was no siren on Inf [i have 5 inf it make problem on this vehicle other 4 are good with siren] :https://youtu.be/T_mVY79vzHQ
  9. Your nickname: BloodLINE.TalibaNServer: RPG2Description of the bug: I am R3 NG i put siren on all vehicles and all sirens are good but on my main vehicle with Hidden and VIP text when i put siren on that its work good but siren disappear when i relog my account all the timeScreenshot(s): imgur.com/a/5Wk0xvX
  10. BloodLINE

    Nickname: AzaiN Level: 37 Rank: (5) Deposited amount: 10.000$ Date and hour: 20/04/2k19 - 00:24:11 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/j9lOPRF Reason: War Absent (ofc =] )
  11. BloodLINE

    Nickname: AzaiN Level: 37 Rank: (5) Deposited amount: 7.000$ Date and hour: 19-Mar-2k19 _ 23:12 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/RJVAhz4 Reason: War
  12. Name and rank: BloodLINE[2] / Rank (5) Team: ROADS / SWAT : Both Invalid date: 25.02.2019 I pay for the meeting / training / activity: Activity Reason for Intention: i am very busy in my work so i cant join activity Other specifications: nothing else
  13. BloodLINE

    Nickname: Frankxxx Member who received the fine: Reason: Use Of ****** NOS Proof: https://imgur.com/a/k8ByzAH
  14. Hello. @TLG Dan i want to ask about new rule can we use NOS normally and if someone post/PM us them we have to pay fine?
  15. Name and rank: BloodLINE[2] - Rank (4) Team: ROADS / SWAT - SWAT Invalid date: 12-Dec-2018 I pay for the meeting / training / activity: Meeting Reason for Intention: Hello. i want to put my inactivity bcz in our country we dont have idea when we will face power break down so i dont want to take frisk of FW but its not mean i am not coming in meeting i will but i want to make sure if i cant get in meeting bcz of power problem i dont want fw Other specifications: i hope you understand my problem

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