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  1. Nume si rank: AlexLOL123 rank 1(Officer) Echipa: Roads Data invorii: 17:12:2017 Motivul invorii: Am venit la tara si trebuie sa merg in oras, unde invat unde am scoala si nu pot intra. Alte precizari: Multumesc.
  2. SalutEuSuntJJ

    • Nick: AlexLOL123 • Rank: Sf Trainee 1 • Person who you'd like to add (RPG BAR): • Name and level of the player: RobyPlays[RMC] level 19 • Date of offense: 11:14 8.10.2017 • Reason: He /q • Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/y46LJ https://imgur.com/a/xq7ov https://imgur.com/a/liy1O • Anything else?: He use /needlicense for no reason
  3. SalutEuSuntJJ

    • Nick:RoadSILENT • Rank:SF Trainee 1 • Person who you'd like to add (RPG BAR): • Name and level of the player: RoadSILENT Level 2 • Date of offense: 8:26 • Reason:He uses /needlicense for nothing • Evidence:https://imgur.com/a/cQjJT https://imgur.com/a/lTLLJ • Anything else?: I hope he'll get what he deserves!
  4. - Nume:AlexLOL123 - RPG Bar: - Tipul de interviu dorit:Descrierea mea in viata virtuala si reala - Numele celorlalți participanți (dacă există) - RPG Bar al participanților:- - Am luat la cunoștință regulile prezentate pe prima pagină:Da - Alte precizări:Astept raspuns

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