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    ♛GoSa ♛
    ♛Music is life ♛
    ♛Music is Love ♛
    ♛Music is joyful ♛
    ♛Music is peaceful ♛
    ♛Music is a journal ♛
    ♛Music has feelings ♛
    ♛Music has emotion ♛
    ♛Music tells stories ♛
    ♛Music is unpredictable ♛
    ♛Music is exciting♛
    ♛Music holds memories ♛
    ♛Music is life ♛

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  1. Nick: MiGui Rank: 1 From what are you missing(meeting/training/activities/war wars Date: 27/05/2020 Reason: im not going to be home for wars Number of requests from this week: 1/2 Other specifications: good luck!
  2. Nick:hamza.isis Rank:1 Pass request for:war Reason: im not in house Numbers of pass requests on this week: 2/2 Other specification:thnx
  3. Nick: hamza.isis Rank: 1 Pass request for: wars Reason: he has no internet Numbers of pass requests on this week: 1 Other specification: good luck
  4. Name and rank: .GoSa rank 1 Team: road Date: 23/06/2019 Reason: i went to the beach and i dont know when ill be home , Other mentions good luck, maybe ill disable thsi pass request if i come home earlly
  5. GoSa

    Nick: .GoSaRank: 1From what are you missing(meeting/training/activities/war): warDate: 03/06/2019Reason: ramadhan , last day yooNumber of requests from this week: 1Other specifications: thank's and good luck
  6. GoSa

    Nume: GoSa.JR Rank: 1  Data sanctiunei: 30/05/2019 Suma depusă: 10.000$ Motivul amendării : EVIDENTA WARURI 30.05 2019 Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/vZOANsN
  7. bonzytuuuuu i miss you bruh!!! 

  8. GoSa

  9. GoSa

  10. GoSa

    bine a venit!
  11. GoSa

    that a hobbie
  12. GoSa

    boared of samp ... what should i do ?
  13. :'(  About eleven days without annoying you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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