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    My hobbies football and GTA B-Zone !

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  1. HL AliSulemaN

    Name: AlisulemaN Rank: 2 Date: 3.08.2018 Amount: $ 22.000 Reason: - at WAR Proof : https://imgur.com/a/1OWJwVc Other specifications: Thank you
  2. HL AliSulemaN

    Name: AlisulemaN Rank: 2 Date: 1.08.2018 Amount: $ 5.000 Reason: - at WAR Proof:https://imgur.com/a/TKMAPsu Other specifications: Thank you
  3. HL AliSulemaN

    Name Alisuleman Rank 2 Problem:electricity not available right now i will try to join Please accept my inactivity war 2/2 please !
  4. HL AliSulemaN

    Name: AlisulemaN Rank: 2 Date: 31.07.2018 Amount: $ 29,000 Reason: - at WAR Proof: https://imgur.com/a/rUgXq5v Other specifications: Thank you
  5. HL AliSulemaN

    Name: AlisulemaN Date: 17/7/2018 Amount: $ 5,000 Reason: -6 score Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Qr9L9Sf
  6. HL AliSulemaN

    Nick: Alisuleman Rank: 1 I agree to: meeting / Training / War: war Reason: I have problems with your pc and it's at the service Number of invoices this week: First Other specifications: Bafta
  7. nickname: blue.whale Rank: 2 Date of the meeting you want to sign: 7/15/2018 The reason: At this time i will be at my friend home Other specifications: I will try to join if i come early
  8. Nick: Blue.Whale Rank: 2 Date of the meeting you want to agree to: 15.07.2018 Reason: I'm likely to work on the afternoon that day. Other specifications: If I do not work I will come!
  9. Thank you For Fix Bug !
  10. HL AliSulemaN

    Hi Everyone ! GM
  11. HL AliSulemaN

    Name :BlueLine. Rank : 1 Reason : i can't play War today ! 5/3/2018 other points : i hope GSB Win today War !
  12. i want to apply at helper But i have 29 posts

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