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Echipa B-Zone urează tuturor Paște Fericit!
V-am pregătit un Quest total special pe serverele RPG. Detalii aici


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  1. Nume: Anakonda Rang: 2 Vreau in echipa: SWAT Motivul: I want to go after the suspects with wanted and im ready to take this responsability, plus i get enaugh experience for read actions . Alte precizari: - thank you
  2. AnaKonDa

    Name: AnaKonDa Level: 38 Personal RPG Bar: The names of the other participants (if existing): VeroxGaming / CouldnoT The RPG Bar of the other participants: The type of the interview: special ( triple interview ) I read and acknowledged the rules presented: yes Others: nothing !
  3. AnaKonDa

    - Nick: AnaKonDa- Name: Seif- Age: 18- Location: Tunisia- Ocupation: Styding - Favorite games: Cs-Go / LOL / Samp GTA - Your hobbies: Playing FootBall !- A short description about you: I m Mature to take responsibilities and can fulfill it. I'm open minded boy so have no objection on guys stupid /anims. I have great mind skills to create something on my own i never copy to anybody except myself, - How did you find B-Zone?: From Close friend !- Anything else: wish that' i'll make new friends here .

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