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  1. Arjun Sharma

    Nice quest ... And Happy Valentines day❤
  2. Arjun Sharma

    Real name: Arjun Sharma Game name (link website): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/Arjun4237 Age: 19 A brief description of you: Myself Arjun Sharma my Age is 19 now I was born on 8th of November 2002. Im very clever, and supportive person. I spent a lot of time on sports cause Id like to have a good worked-up body. I`m very funny and respectful friend that u can count on whenever u need help. Actually I really prefer to have fun with my real life friends on playing video games all day long like almost half of players are doing. Picture link:
  3. Arjun Sharma

    Nick: Arjun4237 Level: 58 Age (real): 19 Gender(real): Male How old are you on the server?: About 2.5 years or more RPG profile link: https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/Arjun4237 Did you been Mayor in the past?: No its my first time The reason you want to become a Mayor: I want to become mayor because I think I am capable to do all work of this mixed faction Mayor I want to help the new player by giving them financial support so, that they can learn the the game much easily because the new players are the most bright future of our server that is RPG.B-Zone.ro and I want them to grow faster and learn the game rules and enjoy game and makes this server a most popular server and I want to become mayor to serve this server What I intend to do for other players.: As I said above I want to help all 1-7 level players to grow faster with the support of my donations to them so they can do their work in future and I want to give them charity So they can do any work without any financial problems.
  4. Arjun Sharma

    nice one +1
  5. Arjun Sharma

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  7. Arjun Sharma

  8. Arjun Sharma

    good +1
  9. Arjun Sharma

  10. Arjun Sharma

    nice one ?
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  13. Arjun Sharma

    what do you mean?
  14. Arjun Sharma

    eh. ok
  15. Arjun Sharma

    Nume în joc: Arjun4237 - Rang: 4  - Echipa din care fac parte: Swat  - Activitatea de la care mă învoiesc: Antrenamentul din data de 19/12/2021  - Număr de învoiri în luna respectivă: 1/1  - Alte precizări: i am not home.
  16. Arjun Sharma

    Good one =)
  17. Arjun Sharma

    Nick: Arjun4237 * Rank: SFPD Lieutenant (4) * Echipa: SWAT (S) * Data antrenamentului pentru care vrei sa te invoiesti: 05/12/2021 * Numar invoiri(x/y): 1/2 * Motivul: I am out cant come * Alte precizari: Good luck, thanks
  18. Arjun Sharma

    Nick: Arjun4237 * Rank: SFPD Lieutenant (4) * Echipa: SWAT (S) * Data antrenamentului pentru care vrei sa te invoiesti: 28/11/2021 * Numar invoiri(x/y): 1/2 * Motivul: i will not be at home  * Alte precizari: Good luck, thanks.
  19. Arjun Sharma

    eh ok
  20. Arjun Sharma

    bn :)))
  21. - Name: Arjun4237 - Helper: Dabro,MrJelly - Rank: 4 - Date and hour of the activity: 14.11.2021 and 15:00 Server time - Present members: 15 members HumDrum. KOXSTANTiN thepunisher00 (15:19) theoneuer DonShyT Jaguar KARTHERNOTFOUND ANM.Nicolae F9Mosti NmtCristian MNOp. QUARESMA[] GhitaPoweristaul MrJelly Dabro - Excused members: 12 members Pointless Drops Malorne [uS]Grati. Aquarrio Gateway Wintertime Pedro DragosZEU gelu56 N.Catalin Ryz SARKAR - Absent members: 8 members Standar. Dr[a]gos Edi .KaTaLiN. AleX.CeafaLata Sharwy. AnaMaria - Other information: These are all evidence thank you all for your time and thank you leader for giving me this opportunity.
  22. Arjun Sharma

    - Name: Arjun4237 - Rank: 4 - Current team: ROADS - Team where I want to go: SWAT - Reason: I want to Destroy robs and arrest. - Other information: thanks
  23. Arjun Sharma

    Eh Ok
  24. Arjun Sharma

  25. Arjun Sharma


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