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  1. RaulLEGENDwars

    Nick:RaulOneManArmy Rank:2 Data: 03.04.2019 Motiv: Absent 2/4 -10 Dovada: https://imgur.com/eSO0jRo Alte precizari: nimik
  2. RaulLEGENDwars

  3. RaulLEGENDwars

    Nickname:RaulLEGEND Rank: 1 Reason 1/3 absent Dovada: https://imgur.com/SvIsztb Data: 27.03.2019 Alte precizari :nope
  4. RaulLEGENDwars

    Nickname:RaulLEGEND Rank: 1 Data: 26.03.2019 Dovada: https://imgur.com/AmgUo9O Reason:absent 1/3 si -10 Alte precizari : enjoy and have fun
  5. RaulLEGENDwars

    Nick: RaulLEGEND Rank : 1 Data: 21.03.2019 Motive: -5 -9 1/4 absent deposit 5k 5k 5k Dovada : https://imgur.com/7WVxWLA https://imgur.com/6YbCy43 https://imgur.com/ZQg5zaa Alte precizari: asta este se mai intampla
  6. RaulLEGENDwars

    Hai ca iara bubuie Desyncul
  7. RaulLEGENDwars

    Nick: Skywallker Rank: 1 Motiv: Abesente Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/PBJXn Alte precizari?: Sper sa nu mai am amenda
  8. RaulLEGENDwars

    Ii clara treaba nu dati relog ca va bubuie desyncul si nu pot intra
  9. RaulLEGENDwars

    Adevarat ce ii aici we bar de negri ?

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