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  1. Rusher

    Name: Rusher Player to be blacklisted: Vlad.NSA Reason: Left clan without resignation Proof: Clan Logs Anything else: Remove after 2 weeks
  2. Rusher

    Sorry for them.
  3. Rusher

    nica =)))
  4. Rusher

    this person getting expert day by day
  5. Rusher

    Good one
  6. Members are requested to put a resignation before use [/clanresign] so we can get aware of the reason you left. Module to be followed- Name: Rank: Days stayed in clan: Reason for resignation: Feedback: Sorry if the reason was one of the clan members.
  7. @pandatheturtle Over here.
  8. Name: Rusher Rank: 2 Namecover actions: https://imgur.com/a/RJoH5GW Number of namecover actions: drugs possession and confiscate Other specifications?: Hello! Name: Rusher Rank: 2 Namecover actions: https://imgur.com/a/YyRD51X Number of namecover actions: drugs possession and confiscate Other specifications?: Hello!
  9. Rusher

    XP Activities /spray - gives 1 XP, the player can gather up to 30 XP per day from this activity. Rob - 1 XP for each rob point spent (10 XP for a successful rob). Solo Rob - 5 XP for finishing such a rob. Escape - 1 XP for each escape point spent (20 XP for a successful escape). Daily Tasks - 3 XP for each completed task. Missions - 10 XP for each completed mission. Shop - 30 XP for each /shop purchase. Transporter - 3 XP for each completed drive. Drugs/Arms Dealer - 4 XP for each completed drive. Car Jacker - 10 XP for each delivered car. Trucker - 5 XP for each completed drive. Quarry Worker - 3 XP for each completed drive. Garbageman / Chemist - 6 XP for each completed drive. Lumberjack / Miner - 3 XP for each completed drive. Fisherman - 2 XP for each completed drive. There is a maximum XP limit a player can gather in a day, established by the clan level. You can find more details about the limit in the Level Benefits chapter. The XP gathered by a player does not get deleted if the player leaves the clan and rejoins it later on. - via wiki.b-zone.ro We're introducing the salary system so everyone can get help the clan and enjoy the sum of money on their personal needs. The salary will be given every Monday. If the leader can't find you online while giving the salary to others, you can contact the leader or any rank 6 in the game or at the discord server. There will be minim XP requirement per week in order to receive your salary, the leader will post it every week when the statistics for previous weeks are announced. If you have 10 or 20xp less than the required, you can ask for a salary, but it won't be the same as others. Ex – if the requirement is 200XP, and you did 190, you will receive a salary but less than what the one with 200XP received.
  10. Player who have their name in this topic aren't allowed to join the clan without the approval of leader, any member can post a request to blacklist someone from clan, if they disturb you while rob, job or annoying you in any other way, you can use the model below and that member won't be able to join the clan. Model to be followed- Name: Player to be blacklisted: Reason: Proof: Anything else: *Note: Rank 5+ are obligated to check this topic before inviting any new member to clan, punishment: Clan Warn. Blacklisted Players .Savage., Emma_Watson, AFmV, Vlad.NSA
  11. Members who can't login in the game for more than 3 days are required to post a request in this topic. If you can't do the minim XP, then you're requested to post a request too. Model to be followed - Name: Inactivity period (DD-MM-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY): Reason: Anything else: *Note: You can only request an inactivity if you have at least 14 days in clan.
  12. You can have general chat over here, ask your queries or for any help if you can't find the person online in game. Please try not to make a spam if the other person isn't responding.
  13. We'll be posting all the important information, upcoming updates in clan or any other stuff in this topic, you are requested to visit this topic once in a while.
  14. All the clan members has to follow these rules strictly if they wanna stay in the faction and enjoy with everyone. Any comments on someone's personal life, fights & arguing, swearing or any other stuff related to these will result in direct removal from the clan. Punishments receive by any member from admin will result in a Clan Warn too, ban will result in direct removal. Ranks are given on the bases of your activity, contribution towards the clan and days you have. You are obligated to have good relation with the alliance clan and its members, any fight with them will result in Clan Warn for both the parties. Members inactive for more than 3 days without an inactivity request will be uninvited, they can rejoin if they return but won't receive their previous ranks. If a member use /clanresign without telling the reason to any rank 6 or leader, he won't be able to join the clan again in future. *Note: We have the right to change the rules anytime we think.

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