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  1. [CLEO / RPG1] SF Instructor Helper

    SF School Instructor Helper
    It's a mod that players in the School Instructors factions can sell licenses in a relatively short time, Without repeating long and tedious questions and commands, This is the mod of all things related to Instructor.
    Specially thanks from @TheWeeknd Who analyze and the opportunity given to me And from now on, we can easily do our own work related to the Instructor
    Installation instructions:
    - Install the Cleo from this webpage > (https://cleo.li/)
    - Put the latest version of SAMPFUNCS in the main folder of the game
    - Put the "SFSIHelperV2.5.cs" & "SFSIHelperV2.ini" in GTA SanAndreas > Cleo folder
    Instructions for use:

    - If you want to see all commands use the [/sih] command
    - If you would config the mod in-game, use the [/sic] command.
    Other commands:
    - [/wh] - Check commands for the Weapon license.
    - [/flyh] - Check commands for Flying license.
    - [/sh] - Check commands for the Sailing license.
    - [/mh] - Check commands for Materials license.
    - [/fh] - Check commands for the Fishing license.
    - [/50lic] - Check commands for level 50+ clients.
    To have a large volume of content. I will leave the rest of the instructions for you to find.


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