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    Ai avut Flush cu 7♥, 8♥, 9♥, 10♥ J♥, Și acea persoană avut Flush: 7♥, 8♥, 9♥, 10♥ K♥, (King > Jack). Dacă comparați aceste două combinații de cărți. Cartea rivală are mai multe puncte (Flush 7♥, 8♥, 9♥, 10♥ J♥ < Flush 7♥, 8♥, 9♥, 10♥ K♥). În total aveți nevoie de 5 cărți cu numere la rând (EX: 6♦, 7♠, 8♦, 9♥, 10♠) dar ai avut 7♥, 8♥, 9♥, 10♥ Cărțile sunt clasate astfel, de la cel mai mic la cel mai mare: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King.
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  3. Ssangyong is best known in the UK as a producer of capable four-wheel-drive SUVs, with limited interest from a largely CO2-focused fleet sector. Its line-up of three cars and a pick-up truck (Tivoli, Korando, Rexton, and Musso), are heavily retail-focused, but they have proved capable enough for some business wins for fleets needing the capability of four-wheel drive. I met the Ssangyong UK managing director Kevin Griffin via video link at a time when the company is patiently awaiting the outcome of a restructuring plan in Korea. The business missed a payment in December 2020 to JP MorganChase bank in Korea, and on 22 December announced it was going through an autonomous restructuring program (ARP). Since then, parent company Mahindra & Mahindra has been seeking a new investor, and should finance be in place by the end of the month, the outcome should be positive. Ssangyong UK is part of independent European vehicle importer Bassadone, so, although not tied to the company in Korea, it and its dealer network is currently reliant on the brand for products. But unlike in the UK, where the ambition is to achieve a 0.5% market share in the next five years, Ssangyong has a huge business in Korea with a million vehicles on the roads. Failure would seem unlikely. Griffin, who has been at Ssangyong UK for six years and was appointed managing director in 2020, is optimistic but says he doesn't know anything more than has been reported. "For us in the UK, there is no change," he says. "We're still ordering cars and they're still building them." "Under the autonomous restructuring program, they have until 28 February 2021 to come up with an arrangement with their creditor. "We're still operating on the principle that Ssangyong will come through this, and we still have stock and we're still ordering stock. "This month the new Rexton will arrive in the UK. We put in the order after the company was in the ARP, which is positive and we're still getting parts supply. "Everything is normal for us, our network is operating as normal and we're awaiting the results at the end of the month." Ssangyong UK needs some good news, but there are some interesting new products on the horizon. Griffin says the company has got used to the restrictions of operating under lockdown, and some of the lessons learned in the spring of 2020 have made the current situation a little easier. "Click and buy has been more effective in this lockdown than the first one," he says. "During 2020 we learned a lot from the lockdowns, including the number of showrooms and staff needed to operate them. "Our own aspirations include reaching the 10,000 units a year mark in the UK and we would like to see around 25% of that from fleet and business sales, but we think it's achievable. "We are predominantly a retail brand but we're making an increasing number of inroads into the fleet sector especially through small businesses. "Our dealer networks are either small groups or family-run businesses. They like to look after the customers and people using Ssangyong dealers for the first time are receiving a level of service they aren't necessarily expecting," he says. "We have a few high-profile fleets, including the Highways Agency and we have some police demonstrators. The Metropolitan Police have placed orders for some of our vehicles, and we have ambulance vehicles on the road with SCAS and medical transport provider IMT, and these vehicles seem to be doing the job for them. "Both organizations love the vehicles and the conversions work extremely well, and they are good, reliable vehicles for these organizations, and they are building their fleets up with Ssangyong. "IMT has 38 Ssangyongs on its fleet at the moment, and we're expecting to supply more. They are used for work including the transport of transplant organs or blood. "The Rexton, Musso, and Korando are fitting in, so it's good to see a number of our vehicles being chosen. We've also supplied vehicles to North Wales Fire Service." So, fleets that need the capability of a sturdy and spacious four-wheel-drive vehicle are well-served by the Rexton. But what of the mainstream of the business car sector? Griffin says Ssangyong is about to introduce its first fully electric car and there will be more plug-in vehicles to follow. "We're expecting to see the electric Korando in July or August. We're not able to announce prices just yet but we're very excited about this car. "Many of our competitors are making an impression with electric vehicles at the moment and this will allow us to join that party. The whole UK business is excited about it, all our dealers are excited about it and Ssangyong in Korea is excited about it too. We believe it will make a difference to the brand in this country. "It will give us an extra inroad into the business car sector, where some of our other vehicles are not as desirable for CO2 considerations, this will put us on the radar. "Not everyone will buy an electric car from us, but it will make our brand more visible and they might end up buying something else." The current Ssangyong car line-up offers customers the choice of petrol or diesel engines, with diesel only available in the Rexton (and the Musso pick-up). But Griffin believes that when the brand begins to sell its first electric vehicle, it will bring about a transformation. "The EV will change our strategic thinking and the direction we go in," he says. There are plans for a smaller plug-in hybrid, in a car similar in size to the current Tivoli, Griffin is reserving most enthusiasm for an electric Musso pick-up that should be on the market in late 2022 or early 2023. "We think that will give us a big boost in the pick-up truck sector and it shows the confidence the company has, in spite of the recent difficulties," says Griffin. "We were shown some pictures of these vehicles in a manufacturing conference in January and everyone was excited about it being launched. "This electric vehicle will make a difference. There are more brands leaving the pick-up truck market than are coming in, and the Musso is a very good truck. We have two wheelbase lengths and it's incredibly versatile. It has been popular with SMEs and has been selling well during the lockdown." With high-profile Elon Musk creating a fanfare about a Tesla electric truck two years ago, this can only be good news for a company with a strong background in producing pick-up trucks. And for those businesses that depend on pick-up trucks, the Ssangyong truck would be taken more seriously than a Tesla. Source
  4. Leave me in peace, I had straight flush for once, and the player had Royal flush, So I lost 5kk money.
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    bn, welcome back
  7. Zach Gehring, guitarist for Mae, has announced the forthcoming album for his experimental project Demons. Privation is due to be released on April 30 under Spartan Records and will feature the newly released single “Play Acting Virtue.” Demons’ newest track consists of a riff-heavy, thrash metal sound with tumultuous vocals. “This song was one of the earlier ones written for Privation. I was listening to a lot of Converge, and I still hear the influence applied through our filter. The music was written on an acoustic. It was a block headed riff that came alive when Drew built the drum part. He achieved the perfect balance of chaos and drive. Lyrically, I was caught up on this promise that truth somehow brings freedom, or truth liberates you. I think that can often have the opposites impact. I think the truth is often treated as a sort of shallow poetic device, or an ephemeral enlightenment. But it’s an obligation that never fully subsides,” said Gehring in a press release. “Play Acting Virtue,” along with the other music Gehring producers under Demons, has a much different sound than what Mae typically releases . Mae is a rock band that is known for a softer, emo rock sound where Demons falls under the heavy punk-rock category. Demons formed in Norfolk, Virginia and features both Gehring and Chris Mathews on vocals and guitar along with Jonathan Anderson on bass and Drew Orton on drums. Privation will be the band’s second full-length release. “The title of the record is concerned with loss, deprivation, and lack. In our context — this is reflective of where we are at personally, culturally, and politically. It’s a structural aspect of our lived experience — and it is particularly aggravated of late,” said Gehring in a press release. The upcoming album will be a 10-track release full of self-reflection. Privation Track List: 1. (02.04) 2. Ravage 3. Play Acting Virtue 4. Lever 5. Placeless 6. Hosanna 7. Slow Burn 8. Imprint 9. Full Stop 10. St. Luke Source
  8. R&B star Jhene Aiko is taking on hosting duties to help fans gear up for the 2021 Grammy Awards with the pre-show ceremony. She will be joined by singers Rufus Wainwright, Burna Boy, Lido Pimienta, and Poppy, as well as classical pianist Igor Levit, jazz band Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science, and blues musician Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes, who will all perform during the event, dubbed the Premiere Ceremony. Aiko, a triple nominee herself, will also have the honor of helping to announce a number of early Grammy winners before the main televised prizegiving, and introduce a tribute set celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marvin Gaye classic “Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology).” The special performance will feature the likes of nominees Kamasi Washington, Ledisi, Anoushka Shankar, Alexandre Desplat, PJ Morton, Gregory Porter, Grace Potter, and Thana Alexa, among others. The Premiere Ceremony will begin at 3:00 pm ET on March 14th and will be livestreamed on https://www.grammy.com/. The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards will then be broadcast live on U.S. TV from 8pm ET. Source
  9. Jaguar and Land Rover produce some of the world's most aesthetically pleasing and capable automobiles, but build quality has long been an Achilles' heel for both brands. Their cars have a notorious reputation for poor reliability — a reputation routinely grounded in brand initial quality surveys and broader testing, where both Jaguar and Land Rover routinely languish with Alfa Romeo in the bottom five brands. According to JLR, poor build quality is hurting the bottom line. Recently, CEO Thierry Bolore told investors that reliability is costing the company 100,000 units in sales globally per year, according to Automotive News Europe. That's not to mention the cost of repairing vehicles under warranty, which can run in the hundreds of millions per year. And it's not just Consumer Reports-reading Americans who are skeptical of the brands. Another example of the broader dissatisfaction against Jaguars and Land Rovers: Chinese buyers protested outside the company's headquarters there in 2018. The company has a plan to fix it, however. Land Rover head of design Gerry McGovern told investors on the same call that a central part of their new product plan would be "reducing the complexity of (their) vehicles massively," which would lead to "fewer things going wrong because the process will not be as complex." Reducing complexity seems eminently sensible. (Does the Range Rover need six engine options?) And, in theory, much of the complexity issue may resolve itself when JLR goes mostly electric; EVs are naturally simpler with far fewer moving parts, and much of the car production will be outsourced, as JLR will be partnering on powertrains and platforms for its new vehicles. In theory, vehicle production itself could be outsourced to, say, Magna Steyr, who currently build two Jaguar vehicles. JLR could even follow former corporate partners Ford and Volvo by outsourcing infotainment development to Google. The transition could leave Jaguar and Land Rover basically controlling the styling and fine performance tuning of the new vehicles...which is probably what most buyers would want. Source
  10. Nume: DjC Facțiune: San Fierro School Instructors Mesajul tău: Mugetsu. Wishes best for your Leader Duties, Keep it Up!!! Much love
  11. D J C

    Nume: DjC Facțiune: San Fierro School Instructors Mesajul tău: Felicitări!
  12. Nume: DjC Facțiune: San Fierro School Instructors Mesajul tău: Felicitări!
  13. D J C

    Nume: DjC Facțiune: San Fierro School Instructors Mesajul tău: Felicitări!

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