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  5. Viewers said goodbye to the Pearsons in This Is Us’ emotional but narratively simple finale, which took a break from series’ trademark plot twists and timeline misdirects to show a somber Big Three giving unheard eulogies at the funeral of Rebecca Pearson. Creator Dan Fogelman had mapped out the saga’s ending years ago, allowing him to create mysteries and plant ideas that would pay off down the road. But did it have to end so soon? Fogelman opened up about the conversations he had with NBC about the possibility of This Is Us lasting longer than six seasons. Dan Fogelman decided pretty early on that This Is Us would end after a sextet of seasons. For one thing, he was working with child actors playing Kate, Randall and Kevin at different ages, so his time to capture those characters at specific points in their lives without puberty taking over was already limited. He told EW that despite initially agreeing with NBC to do six seasons, the network did approach him about extending the story due to the drama’s primetime success: As the show was getting successful, I recognized there was going to be commercial reasons to continue it for as long as possible, and I held firm to the plan. I was pretty clear [in season 3]: 'If you pick it up for another three seasons, I'll commit my life to doing this for that amount of time, and then that will be it.' You mean we could have had more This Is Us? There are definitely stories I would have loved to see more of, like the development of Kate and Phillip’s relationship or anything having to do with Jack and Rebecca’s grandchildren. Damn you, Fogelman! I’m just kidding with that damning, of course, because without the creator standing firm on his six-season limit, he wouldn’t have been able to plan all those delicious relationship twists. Without knowing when the show was going to end, he wouldn’t have been able to tell the story he wanted to tell. Dan Fogelman said NBC execs were never pushy about asking him to go longer, but they did let him know they were open if he changed his mind: The conversations were flattering, and they were never forceful. They were always delivered with the right tone, which was like, 'We know what you said, but we're checking in.' And there have been moments where I was like, 'Oh God, I love these people I'm working with.' But you have to stick to the plan. The only thing that's kept us afloat all these years was knowing where we were going. This Is Us was unquestionably quality over quantity, and fans are surely happy to have gotten what they did from six seasons. It’s interesting to know he might have been tempted to change his plan, but the end result is a good indication he made the right choice. Not everything about how he mapped out the timeline was perfect, however — he said he had one regret — but he insists ending it when it did was the right thing to do: As much as I'm going to miss these people, I do believe it was the right decision for the show with every part of my being. This Is Us fans are unquestionably sad to see the story end, but as hard as it is to admit, I’d rather them leave us wanting more than forcing a less-than-ideal story or having to worry that the little Big Three actors were getting too big. If you’re ready to move on from This Is Us’ final chapter, be sure to check out the 2022 TV Schedule to see what shows are coming up soon that you can jump on board with. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/could-this-is-us-have-gone-more-than-6-seasons-the-creator-opens-up-about-what-really-happened-with-the-nbc-showSource
  6. After over 100 hours of testimony across six weeks of Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, the jurors have finished hearing evidence as of Thursday. But in these final days in court, there were certainly more viral moments, including Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft being struck with a sick burn by a witness while questioning him at the stand. Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez had a memorable reaction as well. Former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine took the stand on Wednesday to share his interactions with the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp relationship back in 2016. While he was testifying, Elaine Bredehoft alleged that he was trying to get his “15 minutes of fame,” leading to a spitfire moment in court. Check it out, per Law & Crime Network: here Tremaine shared that he stood to “gain nothing” from taking the stand and argued that he was putting himself in the “target” of TMZ, which actually objected to their former employee testifying prior to the judge ruling against the organization. He said he was not seeking any 15 minutes, but she was “welcome to speculate.” The burn occurred directly after that when Tremaine said he “could say the same taking Amber Heard as a client.” Elaine Bredehoft fired back, saying he was “a little argumentative” before he shot back saying he found his own claims to be “purely logical.” The former TMZ employee was on the stand to discuss an assignment relating to Amber Heard back in 2016 when she was filing a restraining order against Depp. In the video, you can see Camille Vasquez sitting down on the right who holds back a laugh while Bredehoft and Tremaine had their viral back and forth. Tremaine claimed that they dispatched cameras to a downtown Los Angeles courthouse, which “very often” come from sources such as publicists, managers, agents, lawyers and celebrities themselves, via Newsweek. He said the goal was to capture Heard as she was leaving, along with catching her as she was going to “stop and turn towards the camera to display the bruise on the right side of her face.” The witness also referenced a video of Johnny Depp slamming kitchen cabinets, which had been shown multiple times in court over the years. He claimed that TMZ received the video via their email tip line, which the outlet was able to verify and publish within 15 minutes of it being sent out. Tremaine also shared that videos only can be published if they were shot by TMZ, source-verified by the original copyright owner or obtained directly from the source. There were tons of viral moments during the six-week trial, including Johnny Depp’s reaction to an expert witness talking about Willy Wonka and another one where a Disney executive was asked about Pirates of the Caribbean. We’ll look forward to reporting more about the developments of the case alongside coverage about upcoming 2022 movies. Source
  7. There is just something about live television that makes it so much more riskier than pre-recorded, even when it comes to the most practiced and polished TV personalities. For instance, American Idol has seen some wild things happen over the last two decades, from contestants abruptly dropping out of the competition to emotions getting the better of everone. The music-heavy series has also blessed us with its share of unplanned wardrobe malfunctions. Longtime host Ryan Seacrest was the latest victim of this ep-peen-demic, and it sparked enough attention that his stylist even spoke out about it. During the Season 20 finale on May 22, Ryan Seacrest was advised he needed to make a quick change during a commercial break in regards to his underwear, because what he had on (or didn't) was apparently too revealing. Viewers didn't need to be super eagle-eyed to see what the issue was, either. Seacrest shared the story on Live With Kelly and Ryan! after the fact, saying things got frantic when it was clear viewers were getting an eyeful. In his words: Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot. There was just panic about it, and we changed it. The fact that things went as smoothly as they did after that was all thanks to Seacrest’s longtime stylist Miles Siggins, who provided some extra underwear for Seacrest to slip into to shield...things...from America. Thanks to Siggins' efforts (or no thanks to them, depending on your perspective) the potentially embarrassing moment soon passed, though the moment will forever live on in tight-fitting memories. https://www.instagram.com/mrmiles_siggins/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=0399a829-0a18-4ac0-b20a-88ca2d74c3ef Siggins took to Instagram to address the incident while also namechecking the famed brand that was used to save the day. Ryan Seacrest may be a few years shy of 50, but he can definitely still model for Calvin Klein if he chooses to. He's also more than welcome to continue having more wardrobe malfunctions next season on American Idol, whether they’re on purpose or accidental. Having something quasi-exposed on live television in front of millions of viewers is definitely tough, but at least Seacrest is able to laugh about it and probably learn from it. Even though American Idol is known for creating the next superstar, the series is also known for creating some unforgettable moments. Katy Perry has also had her fair share of malfunctions, and not all that long ago, either. The singer found herself in a total SpongeBob SquarePants situation, not once but twice, with the first time happening in 2018 and then again back in March 2022. When compared to Seacrest’s scary health update late last year, at least this situation was less serious and more comedic. And now, he’ll forever have this moment not only ingrained in his memory but also on video that will probably never be erased. While the series is now done for the season, the American Idol finale is streaming on Hulu, so if you want to see Seacrest’s penis panic… er, I mean, see who is crowned the next American Idol, go for it. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to catch. Source
  8. Law & Order is saying goodbye to a major star, with the news breaking just one week after the Season 21 finale, which was also the first revival season. The revival was headlined by Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson as the two familiar faces from the original run of the series, but now one is officially not going to be back. Anthony Anderson is not returning as Detective Kevin Bernard for Season 22 despite earlier indications that he would be back. Anthony Anderson’s initial deal to return as Kevin Bernard was for one season, and Deadline reports that he returned to help relaunch Law & Order with no plans to stay beyond Season 21. Despite this, Season 21 ended without any indication that Anderson wouldn’t be back or that Cosgrove would be in need of a new partner with Bernard gone. It was a finale without any cliffhangers. All of this said, Anderson celebrated the news of Law & Order’s renewal after the good news was announced earlier in May. He took to Instagram with a message that explicitly said that “Detective Kevin Bernard is right back at ya’ with the whole squad,” complete with congratulations to his “fellow castmates” as well as the crew and production team. It has since been deleted from his account, but originally said: And just like that Detective Kevin Bernard is right back at ya' with the whole sqaud! Law & Order nights will continue to be elite. #LawAndOrder, #SVU, and #OrganizedCrime will return for new seasons this fall! Congrats to my fellow castmates , the crew, and production team !!! Whether Anderson simply wasn’t ready to share the news when Law & Order was renewed or it wasn’t until more recently that the decision to depart was finalized, it previously seemed like Bernard was a sure thing for Season 22. There is no sign that he has ruled out returning for a guest appearance, but the matter seems to be settled about him as a regular. He’s also not the only one who only signed a one-year deal for the revival. Sam Waterston, who plays District Attorney Jack McCoy, also signed a deal for a single season of Law & Order, but there has been no announcement at the time of writing regarding whether or not he’ll be back for Season 22. Waterston did appear at the upfront presentation for NBC Universal, which was in promotion of programming for next season. It’s not confirmation that McCoy isn’t going the way of Bernard and bowing out, but the signs seem positive. Of course, McCoy isn’t exactly in the thick of the action on location quite as much as Bernard, and his interactions are primarily with Price and Maroun as ADAs. Anthony Anderson leaving Law & Order means that the investigative half of the series will look very different in Season 22, and viewers will presumably have to see Cosgrove bounce off of a new partner after spending a full season opposite Bernard. Still, if Anderson’s return was with the goal of getting the revival off to a strong start, then the ratings successes and renewal prove that he was part of what made it work. At the time of writing, none of the other series regulars from Season 21 are evidently expected to leave ahead of Season 22. If you want to relive the first revival season with Anthony Anderson as one of two familiar faces, you can find all ten episodes streaming with a Peacock subscription. Source
  9. It came out last October that Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent had ended her 3-year-long engagement to her then-fiancé Randall Emmett. Photos had emerged of Emmett seemingly hanging out with other women, leading many to speculate that cheating was the root cause of the split. The Bravo reality star has confirmed as much (and more) regarding her ex. Lately, though, she’s getting real about Emmett’s $10 million lawsuit making headlines and how people were actually looking to her for money when they broke up. Radar Online obtained court documents that showed Randall Emmett, George Furla, and their joint production company were being sued for a whopping $10.8 million in damages by The Fyzz Facility. Emmett and the others involved allegedly failed to pay the company back for a $4 million loan that was intended for a film project called Mexicali with Gerard Butler slated for the lead role. In addition, the suit accuses the defendants of breaking their contract when they used the loan to front a different project with Butler (a film reportedly in post-production called Hair of the Dog) without their agreed-upon permission. Per the outlet, the big-time Hollywood producer – whose credits include Silence and The Irishman – has been facing other legal matters as well. Supposedly, Randall Emmett is being sued by an insurance company over fraud allegations and also for unpaid rent at his office space. When asked about the eight-figure lawsuit over a loan default, though, his ex Lala Kent claimed she knew nothing about it. She said on Jeff Lewis Live, I don’t know the ins and outs of it. I was just sent the headline. I don’t really deep dive into what he’s going through because it really has nothing to do with me. Previously, the Vanderpump Rules alum had shared a lot about the former financial arrangement she had with Randall Emmett. As she told it, she always had her own credit card and bank account throughout their entire five-year relationship, emphasizing that she “never had access to anything he had.” However, Jeff Lewis pressed the star further of late that she might’ve been entangled in the ongoing legal mess if they had gotten married as planned. Kent responded, Oh, trust me. When the relationship ended, I had people call me to collect money. And I said, ‘We weren’t married. You got to collect elsewhere. Sorry.’ Lala Kent continued, explaining to the host exactly how tricky the current dynamic stands with her ex while they hash out custody and child support of their now 1-year-old daughter, Ocean. Apparently, they came to an agreed upon amount for support three months ago. However, according to Kent, Randall Emmett hasn’t paid it and she doesn’t really expect him to. She also alleged that Emmett’s employees at his L.A. mansion came to her “demanding to get paid” after their breakup, saying she only “hopes” that Ocean’s nanny is currently being paid. The 31-year-old has maintained in the past that she knew nothing about Randall Emmett’s supposed extracurricular activities until after they went their separate ways. Nonetheless, her Vanderpump Rules co-star Scheana Shay dropped the bombshell that Kent might’ve had an inkling after all. Vanderpump Rules has been greenlit for a tenth season on Bravo. The main cast hasn’t been confirmed, but Lala Kent has revealed that the reality show likes to “reward” her financially for drama. And judging by all the drama going on in her personal life at the moment, it would seem they’ll keep rewarding her. Fans can catch up on seasons past and what was likely Randall Emmett’s last appearance on the show with Peacock Premium, in the meantime. Source
  10. Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Bull on CBS, called "Goodbye." Unconventional legal drama Bull has officially come to an end after six seasons, which also marks the end of an era with Michael Weatherly as a leading man on CBS after his many years on NCIS. So, now that the show is over and the fates of Jason Bull and the rest are established, did he get a happy ending or not? Well, there was a lot of back-and-forth during "Goodbye," and some fateful decisions had to be made to determine where the show would leave off. So, with Bull done, let's break down the main character's ending. "Goodbye" picked up where last week's penultimate episode left off: after Bull's client Ed Wilson told Bull that he killed a college student years ago, and then killed again more recently to cover it up. It was privileged information, however, and Bull couldn't tell the authorities. Even after he and the TAC tried everything to force a mistrial (since Chester had done such a good job with the defense that Ed was sure to be acquitted), all signs pointed toward Ed walking free. Bull couldn't break privilege without tanking his own career. At the end of the day, however, he decided that justice for the murdered student and getting Ed behind bars was more important than his keeping his courtroom privileges (and job), and he announced to the jury that Ed was guilty. The judge obviously declared a mistrial and gave Bull the boot from being present in any courtroom in New York. Bull was out of a job with no immediate plans to find a new one as of the end of the series finale. He was immediately resigned to his career in trial science being over, even when Marissa tried to convince him that they could fight back. Ultimately, she bought him out of TAC, and Chunk agreed to stay on (even though he wanted Bull's office). Taylor was also leaving the team to go to Hawai'i for her son's sake – which, as Bull pointed out, wasn't the worst place to move to. He ended his series out of work, and his decision to break privilege was such a drastic move that Marissa and Chunk may need to fully denounce his actions if they want TAC to pick up and carry on. All things considered, TAC is in good hands with Bull's longtime right-hand woman (with actress Geneva Carr opening up about working with Weatherly) in charge and Chunk as the lawyer, but what about Bull himself? Was It A Happy Ending? On paper, "Goodbye" seems like it should be a pretty miserable ending for Jason Bull. Sure, he has his family, but he had to give up his company and his job. Considering how much his friendships with the team were forged by their tireless work on cases, those friendships may fade with time. He doesn't have any immediate job prospects, and him breaking privilege might well follow him around for the rest of his professional life. On the whole, though, I would say that Bull got an ending that was more happy than sad. He wasn't heartbroken about having to leave his company and job, and had no regrets that he gave it up to get justice for some victims and prevent Ed from striking again. He's not exactly living hand-to-mouth either, and seemed content with the idea of taking a break for a while. Besides, the show had to come up with a way to go bigger than ever with its series finale, and I would say that this qualified. So, what's next? There's no sign that CBS was trying to set up a Marissa/Chunk spinoff by the changing of the guard at TAC, and "Goodbye" was likely the last time that fans see these characters. The end of Bull(opens in new tab) does open up the possibility of Michael Weatherly returning to his old NCIS stomping grounds as Tony DiNozzo (and the NCIS boss weighed in on the idea), but for now, fans may have to content themselves with a Paramount+ subscription and rewatching the full run of Bull. For some viewing options in the coming days and weeks, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule. Source
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