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  1. Gavrilescu Alex

    Discord ID: [AT].Mihnea#9322 Gradul/Gradele dorite: Peaceful Faction Member, Hitmen Member Link catre profilul RPG: https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/players/general/.Mihnea https://www.rpg2.b-zone.ro/players/general/.MihneaJr Rank bar-ul profilului RPG: Link de la canalul de Youtube (doar pentru gradul de Youtuber): Nu este necesar in acest caz. Doresti canale vocale? (doar pentru gradul de Youtuber): Nu este necesar in acest caz.
  2. Gavrilescu Alex

    True words ✌️
  3. Gavrilescu Alex

    E bunicel
  4. Gavrilescu Alex

  5. Gavrilescu Alex

    #sadface :))))
  6. Gavrilescu Alex

    morrrrrrrr ba :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  7. Gavrilescu Alex

    :))))))))))))))))))) asta chiar buna, daca asta nu e fain nustiu ce altceva mai e
  8. Gavrilescu Alex

    frumos, imi place :)))
  9. Gavrilescu Alex

    Copiii de 10-12 ani be like :)))) Oricum, frumos meme, +1 de la mine
  10. Gavrilescu Alex

    :))))))))))))) adevarat ba
  11. Gavrilescu Alex

    E bun +1
  12. Gavrilescu Alex

    sa inteleg ca alea sunt tecuri sau? +!
  13. Gavrilescu Alex


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