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  1. Frankk

    Nume: rpg3_stef699 Rank: 1 Suma depusa: 12.000$ Data si ora depunerii: 12:30 Motivul: -9 respectiv -12 -57 respectiv -7 ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/f56GDxA https://imgur.com/a/dor0EDK Alte precizari: Bafta! pentru data de 28.8.2019/ 29.8.2019
  2. Frankk

    Name:Frankk Data:07.08.2019 Motivul: Absent scoruri negatigive Suma platita:20.000$ Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/TlCJNVg Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  3. Frankk

    Name:Frankk Data:06.08.2019 Motivul: Absent 1/4 wars Suma platita:19.000$ Screen-Shot:https://imgur.com/a/6BEUEFB Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  4. Frankk

    Name:Frankk Data: 05.08.2019 Motivul: -6 war Suma platita: 5.000$ Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/dGerz6Z Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  5. Frankk

    Nickname:Frankk Data:02.08.2019 Motiv: -11 war respectiv -6 war Suma platita: 12.000$ Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/MQFjraH Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  6. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Data: 02.08.2019 Motivul: Absenta war 1/2 Suma platita: 15.000$+ AV Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/RnMDnKg Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  7. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Data: 01.08.2019 Motivul: Absenta war 1/2 Suma platita: 10.000$+ AV Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/7v4YPdp Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  8. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Data: 28.07.2019 Motivul: Absenta war 1/2 Suma platita: 10.000$+ AV Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/tsemETQ Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  9. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Data: 23.07.2019 Motivul: Absenta war 1/2 Suma platita: 10.000$ Screen-shot:https://imgur.com/a/f9DLNFq Alte precizari: Multa bafta!
  10. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Date: 18/07/2019 Motivul: -9 war -14 war -13 war -14 war Suma platita: 26.000$ Screen-Shot:https://imgur.com/a/d7J6MX7 Alte precizari:Multa bafta!
  11. Frankk

    Nickname: Frankk Data: 17/07/2019 Motivul: -8 si -13 war Suma platita: 20.000$ si am mai pus inca 8.000$ in plus. Screen-shoot:https://imgur.com/a/Uog7Gst Alte precizari: Multa bafta!

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