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  1. @AOT activitate acceptata. 14.06.2021, ora 21:30, fara partener. Dupa activitate te rog sa postezi statistica in acest topic: Click
  2. @AOT activity rejected. all activities should be requested before 24 hours, otherwise it will be rejected.
  3. FBI .Sm0k3.

    E ok
  4. FBI .Sm0k3.

    Bun +1
  5. FBI .Sm0k3.

    E ok
  6. FBI .Sm0k3.

    Nice +1
  7. @AOT no one accepted your activity because we can’t understand what you put here. Please copy the model from the first page when you post a new activity.
  8. @AOT activity rejected. we are on 10/06/2021 and you put the date "25/05/2021"
  9. FBI .Sm0k3.

    Nick: [FBI].Sm0k3. Rank: 5 Am dat test cu: [FBI][]Ducky Data: 05.06.2021 Rezultat proba teoretica: 0/3 Rezultat proba armelor: 5/6 Rezultat proba practica: 0/3 Rezultat total (Admis/Respins) : Admis 12-1=11 Observator test: [uS]Hawkeye Alte menţiuni: -
  10. FBI .Sm0k3.

    +1 pentru incurajare
  11. Nume: .Sm0k3. Rank: 5 Nota activitate: 3 Alte precizari si mentiuni: Activitatea a fost ok, doar ca membrii nu prea stiu sa asculte.
  12. FBI .Sm0k3.

    Esti a 12-a ?

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