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  1. Nick: mezen.salaawi Rang: 4 Motivul absenţei: I'm outside I can't play at this hour Data şedinţei/activităţii: 12.09.2021 - 21:00. Alte precizări: Mersi mult, ma revansez!
  2. Nick: Mezen.salaawi Rang: 4 Motivul absenţei: I have an important match to play with my friends Data şedinţei/activităţii: 03.09.2021 - 21:00 Alte precizări: I wanted to participated, maybe next time. Thnx
  3. AIM Mezen

  4. Nick: Mezen.Salaawi Rang: 4 Data: 10.08.2021 Am dat test cu: Sidelo Teorie (x/3): 0.5/3 Practic (x/5): 0.5/5 Teren (x/4): 4/4 Rezultat final ( Admis / Respins) : Admis Alte precizări: Welcome!

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