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  1. -- Nick: Fatlum_Kurtishi -- Level: 41 -- [/stats] before problem: - -- [/stats] after problem: - -- Problem description: I didnt play in samp long time , when i came here i forgot my security code . -- Useful information: -
  2. I wasnt here for 2 days , i see account banned again ! Man what is happening someone hacked my password or what ?
  3. -- Nick: Fatlum_Kurtishi -- Level: 41 -- [/stats] before problem: dont have -- [/stats] after problem: dont have -- Problem description: i cant log in , and i think my account hacked or something like this , i see my acc on -- Useful information: I see my account on and dont know what is happening , http://postimg.org/image/841u25qap/ 23.07.2014 15:06 Hunedoara, Hunedoara, Romania SA:MP Login 23.07.2014 15:05 Hunedoara, Hunedoara, Romania UCP Login I think is hacked pff wtf ! thats unfair And i got banned 30 days for reclama i didnt do anything , was out and when i come i see my stuff gone and i got banned WTF!
  4. Fatlum

    This happened to me too , at skill 2 car jacker when you drop a car , car must be " UNLOCKED " if is locked wont work ! peace
  5. Nick: Fatlum_Kurtishi Rank: 1 I covenant to: Meeting Reason: At this time i have to go in exam on university ! No.. of consent: 1 Other specifications: Thanks , sorry for missing !
  6. Vamos Real Madrid #a por la decima :)

    1. Jester the Executive

      Jester the Executive

      5 minutes additional time? From where?

    2. Fatlum


      Ramos scored in min 3 add time so ? :) Reffer didnt give red card to , he helped atheltic noobs to much buena noche amigos !


  7. Nick: Fatlum_Kurtishi Rank: 1 I covenant to: Training Reason: Going to see final of champions league ! Number of consent this week: 2 Other specifications: Thanks !
  8. nick : fatlum_kurtishi Rank : 1 missing at : war Motiv : school exam Number of invioris at week : 1 Other specifications : thanks
  9. Fatlum

    OMG slade i was in 2 wars and my electricity stoped on war 3 and FW ????
  10. • Nickname: Fatlum_Kurtishi • Previous nicknames: - • Since when are ypu playing SA-MP on B-Zone ?: 1 year • Level: 36 • Real age: 17 • (Real) Gender: Male • Number of ingame warnings and the reason you got them: 0/3 • Were you ever banned? If yes, why?: No • Previous factions and the rank you had in them (in order): Tattaglia Family x2 (1) , Cuneo Family (2) , LVPD (1) , Green Street Bloods (2) , Red Dragon Triad (1) , Avispa Rifa (2) • Why did you leave the last two factions and the dates you left them in?: Demisie ! I leaved last faction in 22 august 2013 • Resignation link to the last two factions you have been in (if any): http://forum.b-zone....s/page__st__220 • Have you been a member of any department? If yes, why did you leave it?: Yes i was , i got uninvited for not posting raport activitate rank 1 ! • Are you active on the forum?: Yes • Do you understand that the Police Department is a very serious department and you need to have a very good attitude and language?: Yes • Do you understand that if you don’t stay for at least two weeks in PD you will be kicked out with 60 Faction Punish?: Yes • Did you read the Police Department Rules and the other important threads and do you agree to be punished for breaking these rules?: Yes • Why do you want to join the Police Department?: I like this job a, and i like cops in real too , and good leader ! • Are you capable of teamwork ? Yes • A screenshot with /stats, detective skill and /time (obligatory): http://postimg.org/image/j5fj6h3od/ • How many hours do you play daily withouth being AFK?: 5-6 hours ! • You are on the BlackList at a faction?: No • If yes, you agree to pay to be removed from it?: Yes • A short characterisation of yourself: I am from Kosov , age 17 , i am quite man , hoby football , favorite game SAMP!
  11. Nickname: Fatlum_Kurtishi Previous nicks: - Level: 36 Age (real): 17 Real Name: Fatlum A short biography of your reality (minimum 20 words): I am from Kosovo age 17 , hoby football , favorite game SAMP etc. Screenshot / stats: http://postimg.org/image/m36iujxrn/ RPG stats (bar): Warn level (the reason you got warn): 0/3 Have you ever taken banned (if so, tell why)?: No Previous Factions (specify time and holds the rank): The Tattaglia Family - Rank 1 The Tattaglia Family - Rank 1 The Cuneo Family - Rank 2 LV Police Departament - Rank 1 Green Street Bloods - Rank 2 Red Dragon Triad - Rank 1 Vietnamese Boys - Rank 1 Avispa Rifa - Rank 2 The highest rank was in a faction (faction specific): Cuneo , GSB & Avispa Rifa (2) The reason you were dismissed or have left the last factor (specify faction): I didnt feel good there ! Link to the resignation of the last factor (if any): - Skill sites to secondary vacancies: Detective & mechanic 5, arms dealer 4 , rob 3 others 1! What you learn in school (morning / afternoon): My school finished! Why you wish to join Southern Gang Pimps?: For fun , new friends What do you think you can help Southern corridor Pimps?: Wars , training , meetings You'll be involved in everything that Southern Pimps and will be present at all events?: Yes How many hours per day you spend in SA: MP (not / sleep)?: 5 - 6 hours The time in which you are ON the SA: MP: All day Can be present in the range from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. waruri Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays?: Yes Southern Gang Pimps know the rules?: Yes Are you able to write grammatically correct?: Yes If you enter the Southern Pimps, how long you stay with us?: Long time ! You agree to stay in Southern Pimps for at least 2 weeks (otherwise you will be kicked off with 60/60 FuctionPunish)?: Yes How long play SA: MP on B-Zone?: 1 year Did you have a history of any member Southern Pimps?: No Are the Black List to a faction (If so, you agree to pay to be removed)?: No Other specifications: Thanks!

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