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    For more context, the other script is showing the level and the faction of a player who requests a taxi. The level is based on the scoreboard. Is there another way to get a player's level directly?
  2. Hello, I want to have a script which updates the scoreboard at set intervals (10 seconds, for now). I managed to find some info which points out to using the 0AA8 opcode, with the 0x8A10 offset. Unfortunately, I don't know how to implement this correctly in a CLEO script. Just using "0AA8: call_function_method 0x8A10" doesn't really work, and I don't really understand anything from "0AA8: call_function_method 0x4048E0 struct 0xB74494 num_params 1 pop 0 $MyCar 0@", which can be found in the opcodes.txt file in the data folder of SannyBuilder. Could you please help me with the correct portion of code necessary to update the scoreboard, if you can, please? I need this to use with another script which gets the level of a player from the score that is shown in the scoreboard, so the scoreboard should be up to date. This is what I tried so far: {$CLEO .cs} 0000: REPEAT WAIT 0 UNTIL 0AFA: is_samp_available chatmsg "{B399F1}[Tab Update]{FFFFFF} by {8DA5ED}Moderat{FFFFFF} has been loaded." -1 0B34: samp register_client_command "tab" to_label @tab_toggle 5@ = 1 // TAB UPDATE IS ON BY DEFAULT while true wait 20 if 5@ == 1 then if 0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined // IF YOU HAVE A CHARACTER (IF YOU SPAWNED) then 0AA8: call_function_method 0x8A10 chatmsg "{B399F1}[Tab Update] Updated" -1 wait 9980 end end end :tab_toggle if 5@ == 1 then 5@ = 0 chatmsg "{B399F1}[Tab Update] {D40000}OFF" -1 else 5@ = 1 chatmsg "{B399F1}[Tab Update] {00FF00}ON" -1 end 0B43: samp cmd_ret
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