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  1. LONDON IS BLUE... ! 

    1. South Example
    2. Bob LCN

      Bob LCN

      My blood is blue 😆 

    3. South Example

      South Example

      u are king?

  2. Nick: Bob Rank: Chief Data sanctionarii: 14.05.2019 Membrul sanctionat si rankul sau: TheTom - 6 Sanctiunea primita: Advertisment Verbal Motivul: Reclamatie Dovezi(daca este cazul): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/report/85644 Am furat modelul giggi.

    1. Irina


      nu vb cu tradatori

    2. Bob LCN

      Bob LCN

      dc zici asa !?


  4. Bob LCN

    - Nume: Don.Bob - Rank: Faction Manager - Membrul sancţionat: ZoNaBuM - Sancţionat în data: 21/03/2019 - Motiv: Useless Questions on live. - Sancţionat cu: AV. - Dovada (în funcţie de caz): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/factions/report/49806 - Alte precizări: As I said, not any question can be promoted on /live chat, next will be FW.
  5. - Nume: Don.Bob - Rank: 3. - Tipul de pachet: 4 - Anunţul: Clanul [TL]The Legends recruteaza membri activi si seriosi de minim level 30. Aplicatiile se fac pe website. - Anunţurile publicate (dovada): https://imgur.com/a/XjVQAbO - Alte precizări: Multumesc.
  6. @iDragossucces man, A fost o placere sa petrecem ceva timp impreuna!
  7. wolfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, bine frt, listening to 6ix9ine hehe, you boss?
  8. Then leave me alone and stop wasting my time
  9. @shocks https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/RiXXiE , this account was Ramona.[Original] if you are talking about this , now can you shut the fuck up? Just to show in case your mindset doesn't allow you to accommodate it
  10. @shocksif you check you quoted me first and then mentioned me, and then you complaining that I'm interrupting again limited thoughts, you have been talking for 3 days while I'm trying to end this useless discussion with a stupid boy like you, go get life, or cry at your mom and tell her that she's not roxana in the profile pic, just to feel better if that's making you worse
  11. I'm not interested to talk with people with stupid mentality, no offence. I appreciate that you are interested in talking to me, but not today, nor tomorrow.
  12. Hahaha, I've wasted enough of time on you in which you don't deserve due to your mentality. But I thank you for being interested in me and checking my hobbies, I really appreciate it.
  13. https://youtu.be/d-JBBNg8YKs
  14. Conclusion? You talk too much
  15. The thing is, not you who tells me what to do, to make it clear. And you still talking about that.
  16. Scuze sefu, respect @MrJelly
  17. You are bothering me with your childish talks, and this might affect on us, dude. You just said you know her? Funny boy. You know nothing then, i suggest you to mind your own business.
  18. Alright, what about you wolful?
  19. It turned into sarcasm with that schocks.
  20. It's crappy as long as shocks in it
  21. Seems you talk too much @shocks, if you consider that she's not in the pic then keep ur opinion for yourself, stop acting childish and talking trash, learn how to talk first

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