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  1. GTAsanandreas

    Prenume:Jani Nick in game:GTA$anandr3a$ Varsta reala:14 Level:11 ScreenShot /stats: (OBLIGATORIU, in caz contrar cererea va fi respinsa): http://img.b-zone.ro/images/02996279969509771225.png Factiune anterioara: - De ce ai iesit din ultima factiune ?: - Rank-ul detinut in ultima factiune ? : - Skill-uri la joburi secundare: Detective skill level = 5,Car mechanic skill level = 5. Esti pe BlackList-ul unei mafi (Rectifica Numele Mafiei) : no Cate ore joci pe zi?: 4-5 hours De ce doresti sa intri in The Stracci Family?: Because i've always wanted to be on some family Stii regulile The Stracci Family ?: yes Esti de acord cu faptul ca trebuie sa stai in The Stracci Family pentru minim 3 saptamani?:Yes i agree. Vei respecta liderul si membrii indiferent de rank-ul acestora ?:yes Alte precizari?:no
  2. GTAsanandreas

    ok thanks
  3. GTAsanandreas

    Yes i knew that but i think that only thing how they would accept me is keep trying ,because you said so. Nadal_Bean was accepted on PD and he's not Romanian but still thanks for your help.
  4. GTAsanandreas

    Yea and i didn't say that you Romanians are racist i didn't. If you know other ways how they would accept me please tell me. btw what you mean with that "you have to do more aplications" ?
  5. GTAsanandreas

  6. GTAsanandreas

    Im ejected on every faction where i've tryed to get into. I know that it's because im not Romanian. Please somebody help me!! If anyone knows how they would accept me please tell me. Thank you.
  7. GTAsanandreas

    * Nick: GTA$anandr3a$ * Varsta reala: 14 * Level: 10 * ScreenShot /stats: http://img.b-zone.ro/images/03833618666371784371.png * De ce doresti sa intri in Tow Car Company?: Because this is my most favorite faction and i really would wanna get into this. * Stii regulile Tow Car Company?: yes * Esti de acord cu faptul ca trebuie sa stai in Tow Car Company pentru minim 2 saptamani?: Yes i agree. * Vei respecta liderul si membrii cu rank mai mare din Tow Car Company?: yes * Alte precizari?: no
  8. GTAsanandreas

    ouuu.. ok thanks!
  9. GTAsanandreas

    Why some factions like: Taxi cab company aplicatii,Tow car company aplicatii,Paramedic/Fireman aplicatii.. Why those topics are closed?? Are they closed forever??? Please i need answer! Thank you.
  10. GTAsanandreas

    ouuu.. ok thanks
  11. GTAsanandreas

    really oh that's great thank you man and btw what do i then get if i dont get bans?
  12. GTAsanandreas

    i know it but do you know when i get three times kicked do i get ip bans or just few days bans and can i play with the same account?
  13. GTAsanandreas

    i mean like my job is already farmer and i drived the combine somewhere else than farm. and my player name is: GTA$anandr3a$
  14. GTAsanandreas

    yea first i got kicked because i didn't log in 60 secs and the second kick was because i tried to own combine harvester (i know that you can't own harvester because everybody else farmer can need it) and btw do you know that can i still play with same account if i get banned few days?
  15. GTAsanandreas

    I've been kicked two times if i get still one more kick do i get ip bans or can i play with the same account? please reply thank you

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